Monday, May 7, 2018

THE CUTTING CAFE Lip Balm and Chapstick Holder

At times I come up with something quite unexpectedly. Take yesterday. I waited until the very last possible minute to do my project for THE CUTTING CAFE. I mean it's not like I was sitting around reading a book and had time to actually make the project....wait, I was. Which means I didn't actually read the directions which resulted in the first chapstick holder being much smaller than an actual chapstick. I had much better luck with the second one of course, but I didn't want to waste the smaller one...

What did I fill it with you ask? Why, Paper Sweeties sequins of course. Isn't that a cool little present for a scrap buddy though? Some super cool beads would look nice in one of these little boxes too. So much fun.

It's pretty easy to get the product out of these little boxes. There is a flap door and mine is just tied shut with some twine. I think it makes a pretty decorative element on the front of the card. These are really cards too so you can write a nice sentiment inside!

Looking forward to sharing these with a friend! Love the colors I picked! So soothing & matches the Green Tea Mint Chapstick perfectly!

Hope your Monday is awesome! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. He he.Its fun you made a sequin holder ,cool idea ! I loved this idea of card with a gift !

  2. oh wow, now that is a fun little crafty gift..YOUR SO STINKING all the elements on your two projects...

  3. Love the ART mistake there - when I had an Art Class in College -required I certainly DID NOT sign up for it] we were given one crayon and a sheet of paper -- any mess ups [or so we thought] we had to continue and create - it was a really out of the box experience for me - and I cannot color worth a darn anyway - so a great experience that taught me - don't throw anything away - recreate what you started - just saying - and no wonder I have the tiniest pieces of scraps in my crafting room [I am not really sure that is what the art teacher meant! hehehe] nice job on both! So you get an A+ for today [from me a former teacher] have a blessed day!

  4. So beautiful and what a great way to gift some little embellishments of any kind! Love it!


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