Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Joy Mist Spice Rack

I had a little too much fun with some flowers and decoupage on this little left over spice rack. I mean, it was like a little black blank slate....and I had rehabbed a new bigger one last week....what to do with the old one.....why not glam it up? Might have to pass it along to a friend, but it needed to be pretty first!

I added some left over flowers from THE CUTTING CAFE, some thread, and some extra scrabble tiles with hot glue. After some distress sanding, I also added some gold paint.

That scallopy wrinkle image on the back of the rack is decoupaged crepe paper. I really liked how rough it was and the gold paint really made it cool looking.

Really liked how this turned out. I think it would make a nice present with some new mists! I am sure I've got a scrappy friend who has a birthday soon, don't I?

Happy Tuesday!


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