Thursday, June 27, 2013

4th Grade: Oh the Places You'll Go Layout

I broke down earlier this week and made myself a list.

Not a normal list. The kind of list THE MAN would look at and snort.

One with scrappy pages I wanted to make.

I just get all these photos and ideas and things going on in my brain...

And every since school let out, I feel slightly off kilter in a good way. ;-)

I had this page in my mind made up like a hot air balloon, but then got thinking I wanted a photo collage...

Which I made in Picasa....which goes to show you that sometimes in life free things can be awesome!

It's hard to have a lot of room for many goodies when you are trying to fit this many awesome photos on one page.

Luke's moving up ceremony was THE BOMB.COM (to quote Helen) and had many fun things incorporated into it.

The theme was Oh, the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss complete with hot air balloon on the windows!

Wanted to use this photo but totally ran outta room. We got to take Luke's green blue and yellow balloon home.

They also had these super silly frames we could use to stage photos.

Lexi was a bit sideways over all the pretty decorations and coolness. She maintained she did not have such a FANCY moving up ceremony! Although she did get a new dress....

They had all kinds of crazy balloons including little lego people holding them down!

My favorite part of the page is the side part where I got crazy with stickers and banners! Tucked a little bit of a silver doily behind my circle & title. Love it!

Anyhow, hope your Thursday was terrific, mine is coming to a close! 


  1. That is THE BEST dr suess book! Love the frame for the photos - fun idea! And the balloon theme - very fine..

    I wish I could be so organised to make a list - or at least not lose it as soon as I put it down...

    Hope your hols are great, absolutely hanging out for ours here, although more for the staying in a nice warm bed for longer, than any other reason...

  2. I love love love your lo!! LOVING all the photos and the pennants on the side and loving the teacher's jacket!! FABULOUS!!!

  3. Love the theme, the balloons, and most of all your two lovely kiddies. Each photo I see they're changing slightly. Love the idea of the lego figures weighting the balloons and those extra long thin pennants on the side. BTW do you think the teacher hires that jacket out for fancy dress? Just amazing!


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