Saturday, June 29, 2013

Enchanted Layout for The Onion, Quirks and Mitza Pitza Grand & Final Challenge

The very last Onion (aka Sue) and Quirks (aka Lisa) Challenge #6 had me quaking in my BOOTS! Well, OK it's summer here so flip flops. 

Here it is:  Make TWO cards of the same design or colors, but one must be Shabby Chic and one in the CAS genres. The word card always scares me and then that other acronym terrifies my very soul. 

I really like cards. Just not the me making them part. ;-) 

We did get this pretty little background to use in some way shape or form, so that helped! Feel free to use it yourself if you like it!

To ease my pain, I decided to view them as card fronts and made a scrapbook page. 

Some I went with the shabby look and others CAS. 

Lots of fun little items on here from the Trinket Track. Loving that cameo and that bird which is sitting on top of my photo!

It was a great opportunity to show case this photo from my apple trees! They line my driveway and I always think nice thoughts about the previous owner planting them for me to enjoy. 

Sometimes my apple trees bloom nicely and sometimes we get just a few blooms. Of course the years with the good blooms also have good apples...hoping I'm lucky come October!

Of course the STAR of the show is not really an apple, but a Crabby Apple, but wow it is lovely!

I have had so much fun with these challenges! Some of them were harder than others but I think were great for sparking my creativity!

Huge thanks Onion (aka Sue) and Quirks (aka Lisa) for letting me jump on your bandwagon!


  1. Wow, wow, wow! Wonderful creations! I've enjoyed the challenge, sorry to see it end!

  2. Hello Mitra
    OMG you took this last Challenge by the scruff of the neck and worked it to a point that it is so conceptual.....your imagination knows no bounds and where I tend to be literal you are loose and figurative, you have represented the two genres and combined them into one exceedingly well, very clever way of opting out of making two cards yet fulfilling the Challenge request. I love how you have used the paper, and designed this creation, and even though you say the crab-Apple tree is the star; beautiful it is too, I am liking very much the page, as it is fabulous.
    It has been an interesting exercise all round and it has been a pleasure to see your interpretations each week M, and I can so identify with the feeling regarding the Acronym request.

  3. LLOOOOOOVE this idea - it looks like a whole series of little windows to peek into...satisfies the 'sticky nose' in me:):)And that cameo.....they are sooo for you make Crabbapple jelly? By Grandmother always did & it's my VERY fave of all time....hardly ever see it around anymore:( The trees look absolutely divine with their blossom dresses on:):)!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oooooh crab apple jelly!!!! just divine on roasted meat, especially Lamb but beef is just as good.
    It is good on toast, on toasted english muffins and on crumpets and on scones get the picture
    I have crab apple envy now

  5. Your layout looks lovely, like a patch work quilt.. the trees certainly are blooming, I hope there are lots of apples to enjoy in the future.. Where you live looks really lovely too!!

  6. Another beautiful creation & beautiful photo! I am going to miss you living in the North Country - it looks idyllic!!

  7. I love where you took this challenge! Your page is fantastic and all of the elements ended up so well balanced even with the mixing of styles! Your trees are beautiful too!


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