Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lexi's Egyptian Mask

My oldest got an award the other day.

It was for Art. Not a big surprise there.

Neither was the 99 she came home with on her report card.

When I told her good job she winced.

She basically said that Art for her was not a big deal because it was too scripted. Meaning she was told what to do and that went against the very core of her little artistic self.

I get it. Of course, it's school and you have to also do as you are told.

One of her projects was this Egyptian mask

She was not fond of it at all, despite the 100 grade.

It came to me with ears nearly falling off.

A bit of some hot glue, cardboard, some glimmer modge podge, feathers, and liquid pearls and she still hates it.

She did cheer up a bit when I told her we could put it downtown in the consignment store with a price tag on it.

She says it's too spooky looking for anyone to purchase. Maybe she's right, but that was part of the assignment!

Well, let me know if you are in the market for an Egyptian Sarcophagus, since I happen to know the artist.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOL!!! Not thinking of needing a sarcophagus anytime soon:):):) Can understand Lexie absolutely, but I guess she's still learning techniques under all the 'subscribed' stuff she 'must' do......school is becoming soooo narrowly focused these days. Makes my creative soul SOB:(:(:(

  2. Wow it does have that Egyptian look about it, but I am not in the market for one just at the moment!!

  3. LOL!! COngrats Lexi!!! Cami did one & only got in the 70s for hers :-p

  4. Love Lexi's sarccofffoagus thingy and love the beautiful lips and ears she did. I'm sure it will go to a good home somewhere. You've reminded me to do a post about my Papier Mache masks. Forgot all about them!! Lexi's is much better than mine!!

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  6. Give your artist a big hug from me, Mitra!


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