Friday, June 28, 2013

Delish Layout for Jot & Sian's Challenge

Because I adore all things Sian, I had to do her challenge over at Jot:  Challenge 3 – What to Scrapbook when There’s Nothing to Scrapbook About by Sian Fair.

So last week I scrapbooked  about a mama turtle and made a sweaty me page the week before so I am hardly running out of material!

Actually Sian made me remember the most amazing bakery from when I was little. A good trip to town involved the bakery, lunch with my Dad AND the library! I used item #5 from below.

Now JOT is a a new kick-butt amazing on-line...oh wait. I'll let Sian describe it. She does have a way with words....

Hurray! Jot magazine is here! Jot is a brand new, online, free magazine for the modern memory keeper and it has just been launched  by the talented Kim Archer and her team.

Figured I'd give one of their challenges a whirl and take a peek at their magazine! I love the fact it's on-line, so I can carry it on my phone!

Enjoy their challenges and their magazine, if you get a chance!

Happy Friday!

Oh and huge thanks Helen for that most amazing flower cluster you sent me in the mail. It was on my page quicker than I could eat one of those big half moon cookies! You rock!


  1. lol!! That certainly is speedy usage!! Lovely layout, will check out that new mag for sure!

  2. Great layout!...I am tearing my hair out, as my server won't let me get access to JOT...I have tried all week to no avail!
    Alison xx

  3. Mitra, I'm blown away by this! So very cool..I love your page and I'm smiling at the thought of a perfect day out: lunch with my dad and a trip to the library would have done it for me every time too. Excellent!

    ..and thank you

  4. Gorgeous layout and I love the flower cluster with the photo.

  5. Gorgeous layout, and great take on the layout prompt! and I have only briefly looked at the mag, I will get some time one day and have a better look!!

  6. YUMMMMM....any LO with FOOD on it - & sweet food is an automatic winner in my book!!!!!! That string wrapped around it......GREAT idea:):):)

  7. I love your layout!!!! It is lovely and I like the variations of the one colour. Regarding the spelling of COLOUR this is the English spelling and COLOR is the American spelling, so both are correct when used in countries. That use these language. In Australia we use the English spelling.

  8. Yummo! What a great layout. Love those tones.


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