Thursday, June 13, 2013

Raisins and Woolly Mammoths

The cat and I have a love hate relationship.

Meaning I mostly love him and he mostly hates me. Sometimes we switch it up.

When I am eating my raisin brain cereal in the am and he's behind me in the chair yowling for a raisin swishing me with his huge fluffy tail getting fur in my food.....we're not friends.

Eragon is an indoor cat with a passion for stalking birds and moths from the comfort of the indoors.

He was not always such a pussy.

He came from the farm up the road at the last house, so likely would be road kill by now if he had stayed.

The Bragg Homestead is a typical New York State rural farm where one side of the road is the farm (nearly on the road) and the second side is the house (again nearly on the road). I assume that these farms were built that way long ago when the roads were not paved or wide and most traffic involved horses.

I learned to slow down on the curve by their house as you never knew what might greet you. The attack geese were nice but worse was when the Woolly Mammoth complete with huge horns and a slightly psychotic look got loose. You for sure did not want to hit that. It would totally leave a mark and not killing it right off seemed dangerous.

Anyhow, I digress. My point being that Ergaon would have learned how to run like hell and walk tough if he had grown up there.

Instead, he sleeps 90% of the day after exerting himself for a raisin and then sometimes watches birds out the window.

When a bird is around, he does this little cat shake and shimmy complete with whisker twitching.

We all stop what we are doing to watch because he looks like brute ready to pounce and it's funny as hell.

Poser cat.

Recently I made a few changes to a bird house Luke made with his Grandpa.

I added sanded feet and painted the roof black. Have yet to seal it with a good wood sealer, but that is on the agenda. I would hate for actual birds to nest in in though. ;-)

I am however not above filling the bottom with seed and pushing it up to the French doors so the cat is eye level with any feeding birds.

It would amuse me to no end.


  1. Well he is a beautiful looking cat even if he has a love/hate thing happening with you.. and i for one would love to put seed in the bird house and put it on the other side of a closed glass door so puss could see but not touch.. now that would make for some good entertainment!!

  2. Can you set up a video cam so we can all join in Mitra. I have a indifference/hate thing going on with my daughter's cat. We hate each other 99% of the time!!

  3. Love your even more the fact that you don't want birds nesting in it?!
    Alison xx


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