Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tell All Journal Layout Scrap-lifted from Sian

I so always like to keep it real. WHICH is why I am using this super grubby grumpy photo of me taken after moving 5 trillion bags of concrete. A huge thanks to THE MAN for taking it. ;-)

Did you know scientific study proves that a 60 lb bag of concrete gets heavier the later it gets in the afternoon? Thought my arms were like rubber bands at one point.

Anyhow, my POINT with this page to tell some secrets like Sian at High in the Sky and use up some pretty little project life paper I had in my stash! Hers had me giggling.

Shocking things you know I lead a very exciting life here in the middle of no where.

In case you can't read the journaling:

1:  I hate winning challenges...I feel like hiding. Nice scrappy e-mails make me blush. 

HONEST! I twitch and then avoid reading the WHOLE e-mail for a while. I am not sure what my problem is. I guess it's the shock that I have people looking at my stuff! I am worse with the whole posting of the winner button badges thing. Which I avoid like the plague. YES I know I need to get over myself. ;-)

2:  Scrapbooking never feels like work unless it's forced. Meaning that sometimes I have to stop with the challenges and just create! Same goes for design teams unless they are very easy going!

3:  Drama makes me angry and sad. NUFF said!

4:  Some of the best ways to get my Mojo back is to work or play hard...something completely different. Sitting on a lawn tractor for 4.5 hours mowing also helps. Gets the brain going! Especially air guitar on a mower to a good country tune.

5:  I love all different kinds of paper, flowers, and embellishments. No loyalty here! Sometimes I have no clue what I am even cutting up if I'm working from a kit. And have you noticed I like to use crazy stuff on a page that doesn't even come from a store? I do totally admire Yvonne who does these super awesome graphics with her products. That way if I'm curious as to what she used, I can just scoot down and look at her diagram.

And my journaling around the side basically says the day scrappy stuff becomes chore like, I'm quittin!

I can't see that happening anytime soon. Got lets left to create!

Happy Hump Day Peeps!


  1. OH, should feel PROUD...& that photo is GREAT...I LOVE look like a hot mumma...sooooo are you blushing yet? Nope? Well, you are not just scrapping like a demon, but you always, always do a fANTABULOUS've got such a FUN quirky style. Freshens me up no end coming by to check your work out.....Lotsa blushes yet???? ...heehee...I've had my fun....that sparkly heart & banner behind you? THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the realness of the page. The honesty is wonderful. Terrific visual of air guitar on a mower. I'll have to try that on the hammock I'm currently swinging on too. Love that photo of you after hauling cement!!!!!

  3. I love this! How cool. And you have got me thinking what else I can own up too now..mmm..I love doing swaps but I loathe parcelling things up. I always try to persuade my husband to do the wrapping. He's so much better than I am.
    Wonderful page.

  4. I have always admired your honesty, champion of the under-bloggers like me, world wise sympathy and understanding you've shown me and that you always find such brilliant ways to use STUFF!! As I read all your crafting secrets, I could only look at the photo and think........ That girl has great BOOBS!
    I know just why the MAN took that photo. He He.

    I am sooo envying Lisa M and her hammock too!

  5. Humm so if I say lots of nice things you are not going to read this??? Well just know I think you create such beautiful things and I think you should be proud of the way you give new life to things that most of us would not even give a second look to... so to avoid further uncomfortableness, I will just say I think this photo of you looks fabulous.. you look great.. and love your little packets of thoughts... keep up the good work!! or fun because when it becomes work you are out of here!!

  6. Love the page, Mitra. So many scraps that you used, and you do look tired BUT sexy. Your hard work really paid off, the steps/walkway look wonderful. You have inspired me to get into my scraps stash. As usual you are a shining star.

  7. What a great concept for a page & such interesting facts - I should do this some time!!

  8. How liberating! This is what scrappin' is all about, capturing the emotion and stories of real people! Your layout is fantastic!

    I will support your scientific study 100%! The same rule applies to gardening soil and landscaping mulch. I think the gravitational pull must be stronger on these elements as the sun goes down...

  9. Great idea for a page...and love the pic!
    Alison xx


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