Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Granny Time Layout for Stephanie

My Mother in Law was telling us about a pumpkin she made with her grandkids & daughter Stephanie the other day. I thought it was pretty cool she hot glued crayons on a white pumkin and melted them down the side with a blowdryer! Made a huge die cut of that pumpkin! Fun times!

I figured I'd get one last pumpkin layout out of the way before Thanksgiving, which is tomorrow. Plus, as much as I am sure Stephanie would LOVE to scrapbook, two little kids makes it tough! SO this page is heading off to her!

A few flowers, pretty frosted buttons, and fringy leaves I cut out of water color paper that Lexi made. Love love love those leaves! Matches the paper perfectly!

Just a simple color for page full of color! Enjoy Stephanie!


  1. Wonderful! Love the technicolour pumpkin!!

  2. I reckon it's fabulous...looove the 'fussy cut' was MADE for that pp! And those leaves:) And that idea is way would LOVE doing that! And you have staples. And pretty flowers. Winsome page, I reckon:):)

    1. That pumpkin pumped me up too! Hot melted crayons, oh dear, waaaay too tempting!


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