Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Butter Sculpture & Happy Thanks!

Yes it's a Turkey Butter Sculpture!

We're in the throws of a nice relaxing day here at Pratt Inc. THE MAN had to run into work and serve up a Turkey Dinner to the hard working folks at the we celebrated yesterday...

And we did not have Turkey so I splurged and hooked myself up with a butter turkey...he's a real butterball! oh the jokes are endless....

And how about that cactus that is blooming up a storm! Pretty!

So Happy Thanksgiving if you are here and Happy Thursday to the rest of you!


  1. Have a wonderful day.... & I have to say I am IMPRESSED with the turkey butter....took me right back to my grandmas as a kid making butter balls!!!!! Flowering cactus.....see, you & my DH would be friends. I am anti-cactus !!!!


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