Thursday, November 5, 2015

Swan Lake Dress Form for LESSology and THE CUTTING CAFE

Candlesticks are one of my favorite items to pick up for cheap at the second hand store! Love the glass ones as a little spritz of vinegar and some mirror spray gives you an awesome mottled vintage look! I am always on the look out for them as they make a great starting point.

Here I'm using the candlestick as a base for this hand made dress form. Our current challenge over at LESSology is to alter a dress form! As I could not find one to use, I decided to make my own. Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE has great a file called Fun with Dress Forms that works like a champ for such a thing! It's actually a card, but that just gave me more layers to give the dress form extra stability.

Here is a close up of the candle stick that used to be clear but I added that mirror paint and then just a wee spritz of gold right at the end to get a mercury glass look. The snowflake made a great transition piece for my Swan Lake Dress form doll.

What I'm REALLY proud of however is printing on canvas! Can you see that canvas texture on the dress form and the photo with the prima ballerina and her prince?

Here is what the canvas looked like all printed. I just cut a small piece and adhered it to a very thin sheet of card stock and fed it through the printer. I was so pleased it worked and that I didn't have a huge jam to clear!

Did you notice the wings move? They were spread out in the first photo. Just used those red sparkly brads so they could move. The whole piece makes me really happy. Something pretty out of next to nothing!

Hope this has inspired you to play along with our challenge at LESSology & to check out the cutting file over at THE CUTTING CAFE


  1. This is ICONIC, incredibly inventive and I vote for the wings spread out...of course ballerinas would like to soar gracefully loving that narrative combo...brave to print on canvas!

  2. mitra this is simply stunning...what do you do with all your amazing should open a it

  3. I like how your mind works~gorgeous piece!!!

  4. Wow, how do you think of these things? This looks amazing! I love the wings!

  5. Very beautiful! Especially those wings and that print on canvas - aaaawesome

  6. Coolness! Great ideas. Thanks for answering my questions on your darling cup ornies. I should have known. Hot glue could conquer the world! Ha! I use it a ton myself.


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