Monday, November 23, 2015

Me on a Monday: Guesting at Scrap Addict, the Spray Painting Stump, Sliders & Moody Weather

We have officially moved into The Shop! THE MAN says it's called The Shop now that it's all re-sided & we have the sliding doors all completed. He spent the weekend shuttling things from the shed over to the shop and vice versa. The lawn got its last mowing so the push mower & mower deck got a washing & put away.

Both mornings I was up early. Got to see pretty purple sky from my kitchen window while grabbing some coffee. Love the hills in the distance.

Managed to fit in some spray painting in between grocerying & other running. I am in the process of making center pieces for the Civil Air Patrol Christmas Party. I had to rush the spray painting since it was sunny when I started and then started to snow. Typical New York can't make up it's mind!

Super excited to tell you that I am guesting over at Helen's Blog with some of my altered off the page projects, so take a peek over at Scrap Addict at the Home Decor Trade Secrets post. She had me give her some ideas on my favorite adhesives. That happens to be one of my favorite topics of conversation...due to a glitter glue addiction...

I will tell you ONE secret here...what do you use to get fresh spray paint off your hands in a big hurry when it's really too cold to paint so you get splatter all over? Cooking oil or baby oil, depending on what room of the house you are in! Of course the best idea would be to wear rubber gloves, but who has time for that! Anyhow, the oil is nice as it's better than some nasty smelling chemical!

Huge thanks to Helen for hosting me! If you aren't following her (you aren't, oh really? seriously you should) join her blog using Google Friend Connect in your sidebar! She is a dynamite when it comes to spotting trends & has amazing skills with mixed medium not to mention interesting tid bits on life in South Africa. She is one of my favorite mixed media bloggers and watching her grow as an artist has been quite a joy!

Anyhow a quick wave to another rock star blogger, Sian the Me on the Monday Girl who entertains me with her scrapping & interesting writing!

Oh and one more quick tip? I subscribe to both of them via email so when they publish a post, it slides right into my inbox so I can keep track of their shenanigans first hand....


  1. Well, thank you very much! I can see your week is off to an excellent start with your guest post. I'll have to take a look, cos I feel I'm not great with glue. I have a lot to learn...

  2. Hey congrats on your Guest post off to check !

  3. Giggles....see, you converted me to both a long whiles ago! Can't wait to see those centrepieces 'unveiled' to snow....yay to The Shop [brill name - I expect you to make a wall plaque celebrating Said Establishment now!!] & you PUT THE MOWER AWAY...what weird and wonderful place you live....Tom WOULD ADORE to do that!!!!! One Advantage of Cold. you see;)!!!!

  4. ...& I meant to say, I spied your wee pumpkin in the window shot & she looks GLORIOUS!!!

  5. Yes I saw your guest post, I always love your entertaining way of writing.. pretty sun rise, fabulous looking jars - I wonder what they will look like when finished..hehe.. and your shed.. I mean .. shop looks great.. have a wonderful week..

  6. Thanks for joining in my Sweet! And for your kind words!! Hmmm have never tried the oil - never thought of that! I use something called Hand Cleaner (inventive name huh) That is black & gritty but works a treat - and most likely full of chemicals. Oh dear...


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