Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weggermans & the Stolen Cart

View of Little Joe & Wegmans

It is with great trepidation that one changes up where they shop on a weekly basis. There is that whole comfort of knowing just where to find the boxed raisins not to mention that route that you have carefully cultivated over the years.

In fact, if you shop at a big box store like Walmart, you are pretty much guaranteed nearly the same shopping experience if you are here or if you are there. Having once been to a Walmart in Alaska, I can assure you that it's just the same as ones here in New York although the fishing section might be a tad bigger.

That being said, there is also greatness in changing something that has been a weekly habit for over ten years. It's also terrifying.

After the Great Shopping Cart Incident of 2015 I was forced to change stores by my 15 year old. You might say, but she can't drive yet so how is she making you do anything? Logic it was pure logic and I couldn't fight it...but I digress. Let me start at the beginning of the horror...

Walmart was crazy crowded. I put on my best I can't stand this store face and we started at the end by the pharmacy. We picked up stuff there and then moved onto pets...from pets we wandered over to the school supplies. Lexi had a small list so I left her browsing down the aisle. I had to leave the cart by the end cap as someone was sweeping the school supply aisle. Likely they were trying to hide as the front of the store looked like a zoo up by the registers.

I ran a couple of aisles up to grab something else and a few minutes later returned to find my cart hijacked.

SINCE the damn thing had my stuff in it and my kid was only four feet away, it seemed quite rude. I kept looking..someone must have just moved it on me. Nope, the stuff that had been previously IN my cart was piled haphazardly on the end cap. I stationed Lexi by my "stuff" and went off searching for a new cart. There were no carts to be found anywhere up front. I finally located one that was randomly empty by a pile of newspapers, but by then my shopping trip was ruined.

Lexi and I were hissing at each other by the time we pushed the cart up front. I mentioned the zoo like status to the lady checking us out and she stage's the first of the month!

On the drive home Lexi kept pushing me to find out WHY I had to do the weekly shopping at Walmart. I mean, besides it's easy since I know the whole store and that I'm lazy because then I'd have to buy different stuff for dinner, and all that?

I said, Lexi, Wegmans doesn't sell glitter glue. I was pretty sure this argument would take me far.

She didn't even miss a beat. No, they don't, but Amazon does and that's better.

So yes, for months and months now I'm a Wegmans convert. I grab a chi tea (extra milk and yes to whip cream & cinnamon) from their beverage bar by the door and push my cart through the cheeses & past all those amazing smells in the bakery and deli. I fill my cart with goodness.

Duncan and I pop over there for lunch weekly. I mean, he stays in the car while I run in. The other day, we grabbed lunch from their huge hot food bar (I pretend I'm on a cruise ship, only that I got there in a car and leave in a car) and then we took a walk down the trail that follows the river. It's easy to just leave the car right where we parked it and trek up the bank. I'd have grabbed a chi tea as well, but the last time I wore part of the tea, so we kept it simple.

So, I thank you Wegmans. You make me a better person as there is less hissing in my life. Also a huge thanks to Amazon who sells glitter glue in packs of three and with free prime shipping. A fond farewell to Walmart. It's been nice and I'll probably pop in from time to time but I really don't miss the rudeness. I'll live better my way, thank you very much!


  1. I miss Wegmans!! WalMart is impossible .. but sadly, it fits my budget :(

  2. Since a trip to Walmart in my area means trying to endlessly search out things that I usually pick up at ease in my normal shopping place (Price Chopper), I limit my trips there...they don't even sell the type of bread I like. Bread is a pretty basic staple! Wegmans is too far away for my normal routine.

  3. Some people are SO LUCKY to live near a Wegmans...we literally stay in a motel in Ithaca on a yearly basis that is right next to WEGMANS...and as usual I stuff the suggestion box to PLEASE PLEASE open a Wegmans near to where I's luv pure luv💜...the mushroom flan was a biggie but after I got their recipe online I saw how RICH it was...I would eat it of course, called My Substance Abuse.
    Last time in Wal-Mart MY MAN halfway through the shopping announced "I think I have to leave now." What just walk away???? Seems this very big man was trashed by some WOMEN with aggressive carts. 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽

  4. Great story! We don't have either stores, but I do shop in the smaller grocery shop in our local shopping centre. They have less choice, but it is much less busy & the peeps are friendly & nobody runs you over!!! And go you, with your Chai tea :):)

  5. My goodness trolleys must be hard to come by if people nick one sitting in the aisle... With stuff in it.... Shopping has to be a pleasant experience I reckon!

  6. I know not this Wegmans you speak of, but I have just googled images and to Walmart I say, "Hell no we won't go!" Cheers to smart daughters, lovely cheeses, chai tea, and dog walks with lunch. It sounds like a scene out of a movie!
    You've chosen well. The force is obviously with you....

  7. Oh wegmans....I miss it! It's one of the places I visit when I go back to New York....reminiscing now....


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