Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mercury Glass Pumpkin with Krylon Looking Glass Paint

Although all the stores are playing Christmas carols & selling gift wrap, let's face it, we still have Thanksgiving yet to celebrate! Although I'm planning this year's tree with great anticipation, I still have my fall decorations out. Out they will stay until AT LEAST THE DAY AFTER Turkey Day! I had to write that in caps in case I forget...I really do want to put up that new tree of mine...

One of my favorite new decorations is this sweet little altered orange glass pumpkin. I happened to pick this one up at the second hand store & it was already orange, but I wanted it to look vintage.

The best way to get that old mercury glass look, is Krylon Looking Glass Spray paint & vinegar. A simple spritz or two of vinegar and some very light coats of silver spray & you end up with the result above. Before it dries too much, you can even blot lightly with a paper towel. The vinegar keeps the silver paint from sticking so you'll actually see the vinegar bubbles..those can be blotted off and it makes it look aged.

Letting coats dry and then reapplying more spray deepens the metallic look. I also kept rolling the pumpkin slowly to get the paint to apply evenly. I was REALLY pleased with how pretty the orange color looked with the silver under it. If you are really brave, you can add little gold spray paint in with the silver!

Look how cool the inside looks even! Fun times! Now, a word of advice, if you start spraying and you are not pleased with how mottled it looks, blot a little, let it dry and then add more spray. I promise it will get better!

Hope your Tuesday is awesome!


  1. I'm with you! I think I'm the only house that still has Autumn up outside. The rest are already decorating trees. :( "Don't rush me" I say...
    This pumpkin is EXQUISITE!! You and your brilliant ways to vintage things perfectly.

  2. You are soooo clever with the spray painting - that final look is waaaay better than the original:) love it. Christmas. Crumbs!!!!

  3. Oh, so pretty! I bet even prettier in real life.

  4. So very cool! I just added spray paint to my Christmas wish list and it's all your fault 😉

  5. Oh wow. Love how you got the effect. Guess I'll be picking up some of that paint....*winks*

  6. My goodness you are creative! Love the look of your punk in!


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