Monday, November 2, 2015

Old World & a Copper Spray Painted Knee

The other day the kids texted me from the bus and suggested we eat lunch at Old World Cafe down on Centerway. They had a half day and it sounded like a good idea to me. We packed up Duncan and drove down the hill. I had forgotten what a mad house Market Street would be with kids making their way home and people out for lunch. We had to park MILES away.

After one kid got us a parking pass and the other one got the dog hitched up we proceeded to drag Duncan over to get lunch. He is still quite horrible on a leash and we are trying to take every opportunity to get him socialized and able to walk nicely.

Duncan was already wound up. I had accidentally spilled bird seed on the sidewalk so the squirrels and chipmunks had been out in force. He had been watching them all morning and at one point even ran at the glass window to get a wayward squirrel. Thankfully he only hit his head a little...

Lexi waited with Duncan in the park just outside Old World and Luke and I ventured in. It was plainly obvious nothing would be happening fast. We eventually put our order in and Luke walked over to the other counter to get a strawberry shake.

Lexi texted us. HOW MUCH LONGER? Evidently Duncan had pulled a Marmaduke and knocked over a few metal chairs. I can only imagine.

I started to mildly panic. Duncan is a big dog and Lexi is very capable...however I could see him pulling her off her feet and taking off on a dead run down Market.

I walked over to the counter and asked nicely if I could pay. My theory was then I could leave Luke waiting and join Lexi outside. Nope, you pay when your food is ready.

Just then an entire battalion of upper management suit type people stormed the counter. They had their smart phones and fancy dress shoes. I started to feel pretty shabby. The women were those tall skinny smart looking ones with perfect suits, nails, and hair.

I had gotten ONE OF THOSE WORK EMAILS in the wee hours of the morning so opted to wear ripped shorts and a very comfortable t-shirt to assist with any possible mental aggravation. Besides, working at home, duh!  I also had copper spray paint on one knee from an early morning trip to the spray paint stump.

 Thankfully they called my name so I could pay and leave before I felt too terrible.

We dragged Duncan back to the car and drove back up our hill to lunch.

Mid bite I texted THE MAN.

Hey baby. I am sorry I am not skinny, taller, super smart and beautiful. 

Immediately he texted me back.

You are a smart, beautiful and sexy woman and I like you just the way you are.

Even with copper spray paint on my knee? 

Yup he answered. 

Yes, he's a keeper.

Thankfully I am also a bit like Duncan. My email dinged and I forgot all about my shorts, knee and  got back to work! Squirrel!


  1. But Duncan looks so innocent in the photo...are you sure he was borderline bad boy?
    As for the tall skinny types in nail polish and probably matching purse and shoes, I just mention I do art and this explains it all from bizarre house to strange appearance!!!
    And your Man is awesome!

  2. You always make me smile with your unique story telling ability. Glad everyone survived!!!!

  3. I am glad you have a blog, I love your stories!

  4. Awww Duncan looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, although he does have a steely look of determination :) Your hubby is a keeper , & the tall skinny ones are probably really boring. That is a adorable story

  5. Giggles! Great story....glad you got food....I felt pretty much the same in a [& this is the awful bit, I think] Christian book shop the other day. Uber well dressed hoity toity women so over coiffed I thought their faces might slide off.....served someone else first while I was still waiting......looking down their nose at me. I might have been dressed in a scruffy, sloppy tracksuit clad with baby sicked top [I'd been minding Olllie] with greys showing in my not so shiny not so just washed hair Grandma. Won't be going back in a hurry. Don't like being looked down on, no matter what I look like!

  6. You certainly inherited your story telling ability fro your Dad, Bruce Mero, whose stories in the past appeared on your blog! and your beauty from you Mom??

  7. What a beautiful story! Real people are the only type I'm interested in knowing?! At the risk of sounding really unobservant is Duncan a new addition! He does look rather big!!


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