Thursday, November 10, 2011

Frame for Laura & The Color Room Palette #83

I found this frame the other day when I was out and about with Lisa. It had a muted post card sized print with a small bird that was pretty, but also pretty plain. I did love how the color of the wall would show through under the frame itself, so tried to keep my photos smaller. 

We LOVED the frames though and each was equally worn with various differences. This one immediately made me thinking of the sketch at The Color Room! I had recently spotted these photos my daughter had taken of her friend Laura in Picasa. They had "staged" them in the kitchen with a chair and a huge blanket that was aqua and lime. The background was fighting with the red and black in Laura's dress. I thought she looked pretty though, so opted to change the photos to black and white with a smidge of color on her lolly pop and also her face. 

I did add black letters, but mostly because I was pretty sure that girlie girl Laura would want sparkle and they were in my stash wanting to be used up! 

I am hoping my zipper flower works for that really light gray color. My SIL sent that in a package the other day and I have been dying to try it out. I can see now that I need to pounce on some cheap zippers in the near future and make my own since I love how it looks! 

All of my roses I dyed to match the Burgundy color. Now as I look at the palette by the photo, I am wishing my one blue flower wasn't quite so blue with a twitch more green. The frame however was swooped by my daughter and is on it's way to school carefully packed since it's real glass!! I begged her to let me keep it until we saw her Mom and Dad, but she is like me. Hates to wait to give a friend a surprise. 

Happy Thursday! 


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Laura is a gorgeous girl and loving that frame! :):):):):):):):):):):)

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  3. Lovin' that frame shape! Your zipper flower is "da heat" and what a great gift for her friend. Hope it made it to school in one piece. :)
    Kudos to the kiddos for staging the photo booth.

  4. Oooh I love the pretty cluster in the corner & I agree that is one AWESOME looking frame!!

  5. wow oh wow !!! what an amazing blog you have created here ... that header photo is delicious ..... love your style and I am going back to see more .. thanks for your beautiful words you left me on my blog ... hugz x

  6. What a great idea and how gorgeous is this going to look hanging up. Great idea.

  7. hi.. this is gorgeous.. i love that shabby frame.. and the zipper flower is amazing!! well done!!

  8. Just beautiful and I love love that flower!!

  9. A zipper flower!! What a great idea. Love the frame too. Laura is going to LOVE this. One question, what is the background? I see the porch/deck floor? Project is just too cool, so awesome.


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