Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Owl House Rehab and free advice

So, I am one of those people who has to do Christmas in bits and pieces. Any more and my brain explodes and the Christmas tree stand ends up in the front lawn. THAT is a story for another day though.

Anyhow, I had an article to share with you that I thought was very useful in taming holiday stress. Since Better Homes and Gardens sent me their magazine even though I opted out electronically when they asked if I minded a free subscription, I feel like I can share it with you and not even feel bad! Yes, I ripped out the pages to scan them. It was free!

Hopefully you can see the article better by clicking on it.

Anyhow, I direct your attention specifically to the Take a Break from Facebook highlighted section. I just want to take a minute here and assure you that I believe in truth in blogging and Facebook. Nobody's life is perfect. In fact, I am struggling with what to wear to the Christmas Party I'm going to this weekend. The dress I got from Victoria Secret makes me look like a blue velvet sausage. At least my husband did not actually laugh out loud when I modeled it. He choked and said it wasn't my style. And, why did I let him see it? Just in case I needed help escaping it without ripping it. Ever get trapped in a dress in a small little fitting room? See my point?

Anyhow on to something crafty!

So, the other day my friend Lisa and I hit the stalls. That is our code word for North Country Neighbors which is basically an indoor flea market type place that sells antiques and other things. You never know when you will leave with something super cool or nothing at all. That is half the charm. The other half is seeing things you had when you were a kid that are now "antiques" and you can snort. 

That day I found this very sad little house with a metal roof. I am horrified to report I paid $4 for it!! I know, seriously! But, it was so ugly I had to fix it. Here is my new version! Anything can be repainted with gesso! Add a wee bit of glimmermist, ink, and flowers, you are golden! 

My daughter suggested the owl. The person this gift is going to for Christmas is rather fond of owls and is also an Art major so I really had to give it some fun stuff. I used up my hot pink cheese cloth and placed my little owl in a nest. I am not sure if owls nest or not, but I am very sure owls don't have pink flowery eyes either, so we're going to run with this a bit. 

And, stop back this week for more truth in blogging. My husband challenged me to a hobby swap. I shoot his gun in trade for him scrapbooking. I have pictures. 


  1. It's outstanding!! Your revamp is perfect and the owl idea is WONDERFUL!!!
    So love your recycled projects.
    Also, I'm sure you'll look perfect for the Christmas party. :)

  2. Your tree ended up in the front yard? Oh come on, you can't just leave me hanging like that! LOL And your DH scrapped?! The world is coming to an end because MINE drew a sketch for me the other day. Hehe Can't wait to see photos and I LOVE your flowery owl. He's very pretty!

  3. I agree with you to a degree with the blogging/FB reality of not everyone has a perfect life... but I also know that I don't like to share the 'bad' things of my days (I do to a degree... but not the everyday 'omygosh could my day get any worse' moments) ... as I don't want to come off as negative (cuz I'm not...we all have our 'my day suck' moments though).... I think there is a line to be drawn... the other day I vented about peeps giving Brookie dirty looks for how she looks with her spots... that's it... just vented and moved on :) But I know there are some people I used to follow (used to being the key word) that every other word/phrase/sentence was how horrible their lives were/are... so I feel like it's ok to share the vents, the worries, the perfections, the triumphs, the tragedies etc etc etc ... as long as there is a balance... not all downers, but not all uppers either... lol.. I am rambling... I know, but I guess it's been on my mind a lot lately too! lol :):):):):):):):):):) I loveeeeeeeee your project BTW... just gorgeous... loving that owl! Loveeeeeeeeeee these!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. oh i just cant read the article, but i will come back with my glasses and have another look... your creations are amazing... have a good week..

  5. Wow that transformation is amazing!! I also enjoyed the read of your magazine!! I must be an unusual person though because I don't get really stressed out about anything. I just tell my kids I'm only human & can't do everything & this year we're not having our Christmas meal at home & we all got our main presents early so I'm feeling just happy to be taking a break in a couple of weeks!

  6. Okay still laughing at your post,seriously funny. Oops and not in the poke fun at your sort of way..or is it...lol Visualizing blue sausage or maybe you really looked like one of those bolster cushions.. ha ha ha. But I know exactly how you feel I hate Christmas Party's not so much because I don't have something to wear more because its so hot and humid I don't want to wear anything. And some how I don't think that would wear well with the other guests. Other those stressful party's I must admit I take a pretty laid back approach to Christmas as its has to be R & R for everyone. Loved, the altered house I think you did a gorgeous job.


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