Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life is a Highway Page for Marilyn

You ever notice that sometimes a page comes together with a snap and later you really love it...but it was all so quick! Almost like those itty bitty bite size candy bars that go down so easy, but of course this has less calories!

Anyhow, Marilyn and I continue to exchange pages. This might be for our exchange in Oct. I can't remember. I know she does. Anyhow, I told her I still had a couple of pages I wanted to make from the visit my kids made to her house.

Here is a page that I made using a piece of Basic Grey Wander as the base (Basic Grey holds the same fascination for me as those candy bars). The 6 by 6 red piece is by Prima and is in their Christmas line,which just goes to show you that you pretty much can use your own rules for paper!

The corregated pieces are new from Close to My Heart and inked up. They made me super happy after I used a bit of yellow cheese cloth between! And, I totally cheated and bought a racing Jolees sticker. I just wanted something quick and snazzy and fun. How can you go wrong with those little tires!

Left her a blank tag to add the date and name of where they went.

And yes, another song inspired title! I know you know it! Sorry, loved Cars, so you're getting this version of the song!


  1. Love everything! Makes me feel like I was at the race. Really love to see pictures of your two. Each one usually shows his/her own personality in pictures.(too cute)

  2. HI.. this is fantastic.. looks great the way it is, and it looked like it did come together beautifully!! great photos too!

  3. What a fun page! Love the Fall colours and your Jolee's addition - sometimes nothing else will do! I've only ever bought one - an English public phone booth - bright red - no way I was paper-piecing that hahahah...

  4. Stunning layout! I love the banner with those cool letters on top. TFS!


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