Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kitchen Calendar


So, when we moved in and I got stuck blessed with maroon counter tops and we opted to paint the kitchen a very light pink in hopes of pulling it all together, my hubby hung this little shelf in my kitchen for me. I randomly didn't have a drawer deep enough for a my old rolling pin so found the perfect hiding spot for it on these shaker pegs. I also thought, hey, I like this Christmas wall hanging enough to hang it here for a bit. That was a year plus ago. And I got sick of Christmas year round. 

I probably will hang up the wall hanging again FOR Christmas, but in a different spot and after I have missed it for a bit. 

Anyhow, since we're always trying to figure out dates at the supper table, I came up with an idea to buy a frame and two chalk board decals from Stampin' Up. I also wanted a quick and easy spot to hang the phone numbers we call often since my kids are constantly nabbing my blackberry to look up numbers! I am pretty pleased with my result although I was also looking for something magnetic. I have a plan for that, which no doubt will be a future post. Right now, the clippy works for holding on to little things! Here is a close up of the flowers. The white ones are Prima while the Newspaper one is Pure Potsdam and came from The Mad Recycler. 

The decal from Stampin' Up was really easy to use. I did the large chalk board background one first, of course. You simply use a scrapper to stick it onto the surface you would like it stuck to.

I am looking for a smaller piece of chalk. I love that this calendar is recyclable, but the numbers are too fat to write too much in the spaces. Anyone got any ideas?

Let me know if you are interested in more details about the actual products I used from Stampin' Up or Janessa's flowers.

I can help you get either if you are inspired!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Definitely a fresh & modern makeover! I can see what you mean about the chalk are going to have to look for some mini-sticks!!

  2. I hope you can read this okay over the cheer of the crowd!!!! There's ticker tape and hoot horns going off like mad....they LOVE this project. SO DO I!!! Completely fantastic makeover and now I see why you said that was your favorite SU die.
    I got your email and it was wonderful. I will write you back, but I fell behind on my DT commenting by about 300 comments and had to catch up. EEEK.
    Your box is read to be shipped out tomorrow morning first thing! :D
    Love your creativity. Pat yourself on the back for this cutie.
    Lisa xx

  3. This is GORGEOUS! As far as the chalk goes, I've seen some other bloggers talk about chalk pens you can order. I'm not sure how big they write, but I bet Amazon would carry them. I just remember that because I thought chalk in a pen sounded weird. :)

  4. what a fantastic transformation.. i love the calendar better.. and would love to know how you do those gorgeous flowers!!

  5. Ohhhhhh what a great idea! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE it!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. FAbulous make and I looooove the flower!...tutorial please!!!!!!

  7. I love it! It looks so great and you know me I am all about reusable things! Thanks for mention my flowers :).

  8. Great idea! Love the calendar you made and those flowers are so pretty.


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