Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Reusable Placecards

First, I'd like to thank Maggie at Passionately Artistic for letting me be featured on her blog!

I have a fun project to share with you today! These are so simple and also reusable year to year. And, the same idea could be applied to other holidays with matching paper or a big dinner party.

I started with some heavier cardstock in kraft brown and cut out three of these scallops on my Big Shot using the Top Note die from Stampin' Up. If you don't have a die cutter, you can probably free hand a shape you like. I then carefully sprayed them with Krylon Chalk Board paint which is carried at our local Walmart.

Let them dry and spray on a second coat. Then, after they are completely dry, cut them in half. I made 6 placecards total, so this gave me the correct amount.

I also cut out heavier double sided cardstock in 4" by 5" that I folded in half. I then cut out a very small leaf shape so the color of the paper under would show through. I could then use the leaf I punched as a second on my placecard!

Attach the scallop to the folder paper, add some twin and voila! You have some cute little cards!

I plan on using mine in front of our dishes!

Also, I found this lovely little box I could store them in year to year. Some matching paper, hot glue, and some flowers trimmed it out so it could also be a decoration during Thanksgiving Dinner.

I also wanted to tell you about these awesome chalk board pens I found on Amazon. I have tried them and love them! See how "big" the word apple is on the first photo? This is a nice substitute for traditional chalk as   these chisel tip markers give you a nice even line, plus, you miss out on all that chalk dust! They can be wiped off easily with a wet cloth.

Thanks and have a Happy Turkey Day!


  1. Awesome thanksgiving project, and very cool tutorial!

  2. Very cool project. The chalkboard paint could be used for so many projects as well as this. We don't have thanksgiving here so I just file these ideas away to use for other holiday parties. Love visiting here for such clever ideas (and you just about always make me laugh..). xxx

  3. You are going to make me go to that most dreaded place......Wal, know. But I MUST get me some of that spray!
    Superb craft project Mitra :D I'm sooooo inspired.
    Thank you!

  4. Well my friend, looked over your blog with a glass of Rose, trying to catch up, love all the ideas and your pages get better and better, take care, Doreen x

  5. What a great idea & congrats on the feature! So do tell us all about Thanksgiving & what is on the menu!!

  6. These are adorable! What a clever idea!


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