Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Got Luck? 2011 School Photo Page

So, I scraplifted this page blatantly from Helen. I really liked her page (oreo cookie aside which I LOVE) where she framed out all the items in the middle. I also liked the fact she didn't use "Adore" which is the new Bird is the Word Challenge as a title but rather as an element. Do you see her little Tim Holtz Adore tag sticking out? And yes. There is the cute oreo too. Makes me hungry just looking at it. 

My frame was cut out of a piece of Christmas paper I got the other day and is made by Bo Bunny (Tis the Season Chorus Die Cut). I used it as a frame and cut out the very obvious pretty snow flakes from the middle. There is still one peeping out on the bottom, did you see it the first time round? Haven't figured out if I will cover that or not. Maybe I won't. It  IS getting ready to snow here! I also liked her middle portion of measuring tape and fancy frilly yellow paper. So, copied that too, down to a ribbon measuring tape I had. 

Then, I had to deviate since I just wanted to use these two school photos. Plus, I WAS playing along with another challenge that wanted one of those cool rosettes, but now I can't remember where I read that. If anyone reading my blog knows, I'll link it up. 

Oh and Tink if you are reading this, thanks again for those little butterflies! Used another!

I am blaming my recent memory loss on being a Mom. Some days are easier than others. Yesterday I just about lost it several times. 

My apologies to both Lisas who have heard this story electronically and also Shirley who heard it via the phone!!

So, Sunday was Luke's Birthday. The closest school day to Sunday being Monday, that was when we decided the school treats would make their appearance. 

Luke requested a cookie cake as he likes those best. So, since we have to bring store items, I preorder two cakes at Walmart as he is in a double classroom with 48 kids. I grab two cans of whip cream, plates and the cakes from the bakery. I am already late since I wanted to get them to the school around 10, but the work thing...you know. I am checking out and pause to admire the pretty scrolly blue script on the first cake. It says Happy Birthday Luck. OH crap. No way. The darn frosting is frozen, they would have to PRY it off. There is no way both cakes are spelled wrong. Nope, they are both Happy Birthday Luck

So, my son is really easy going and I'm really late. They do offer money off, but unless it is free, getting a refund will turn my hour lunch into two. So, I don't get ugly, I use my manners, and say, he'll be OK. Meanwhile the cashier is sobbing about how much she loved being in elementary school when it was her birthday and how special this all is and I am begging her to hurry.

So, then, I go to the school to drop off the cookie cakes. A mean troll works at the office at the elementary school and lucky me, she is the one there covering lunch for the nice one. I explain to her the name issue looking for solace, but she just hands me a tiny sheet of paper and a pen so I can write Luke a note explaining to him that I'm LUCKY to have him....yeah, I didn't think for one minute he would be fooled. 

I hope that Luke's cool teacher used this as a teaching opportunity to remind the 3rd Graders how important spelling is. He was happy when he came in the door from school clutching the remnants of two cookie cakes right until I said, HI LUCK, glad you are home! I then got the EYE BALLS. 

Who here is voting Bird is the Word has the word LUCK as their next challenge? 


  1. I will not giggle, I will not giggle, I will not....oh, who am I kidding...even hearing it again, I'm gonna giggle! :D

  2. I love the way it all turned out with Luke. He just takes things and goes on with it. Probably will be something your family will talk about for years.(remember when I was 9...)

  3. That story is so giggleworthy!! Definitely will be a memorable birthday for Luke for all time!! And I really don't mind if you post my work on your blog if you link up to me as you did - that is good for "sales" so to speak!! And you did such a fab job of scraplifting me - I like the simplification & that 2 tone misting is oooh - aaaah - definitely something I need to do!!

  4. I like the effects on that first layout!! cool!! thanks for playing with us at BITW

  5. Fab work Mitra. I just love your misting and what a fab way to use the word adore. Thanks for joining in at BITW.


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