Monday, November 28, 2011

Technology Addict: Scrapfit & The Color Room Challenge Page

I admit I might have it a wee bit bad. The other day I was looking for space around my craft room/office and complained to the willing listener who was sitting on my couch. I said:  WHERE can I store more scrapbooks? And, being the most perfect of husbands he said, well, you find what you want, get it. Actually what he said (once he yanked open the door of the huge cupboard I have) was that I have too much stuff and should consider maybe throwing a bit of it away. But, I like my version better.

See, here is the trouble. Regardless of what is stored IN my huge cupboard, I really can't buy anything too different because of what is on TOP of my cupboard. It's the perfect resting spot for various printers, scanners, and my Silhouette. That isn't even taking into account the desk next to it that has a laptop and desktop pc and the little side table that has at least three cameras in it. So, the hubby that works in the Information Technology field (which is a big fancy name for taking care of people's computers) calls ME a nerd. I know, the nerve.

Some people collect shoes. Not me. I like my gadgets and blinky lights. So, when they came up with their latest challenge at ScrapFit about picking your favorite I was a bit amazed. PICK one? What if the laptop gets upset that I like my printer better?

So, I decided to keep on loving all of them equally.

I also decided I wanted to pair up this photo my daughter took of me with the latest color challenge at The Color Room. It is a lovely challenge. I am in LOVE with that Sunflower color lately. And how can you go wrong with Raspberry. My only regret is the bit of blue in the photo. I was playing around with my photo and wanted just a bit of color so it didn't take away from the color challenge. BUT, then, I also feel like it draws your eye into that photo a bit too, so I guess I'm good with it.

I also made a bit of gauze into a wasn't hard, just gathered it together with a needle and added some little flower stamens to it. I think I'll be making more flowers in the future with gauze.  And, loved tying a bit on my page! That was super simple. I just wanted something more in that corner and had already put the hot glue gun away.

Big thanks to Shirley for that eye lash ribbon. I am in LOVE with that!


  1. Great take on the color challenge. I was particularly enchanted by the dyed gauze - what a brilliant idea and I haven't seen it done quite like that before.

    Thanks for all your comments the past few weeks. I've been ill and got WAY behind in responding. I wanted you to know how much I've appreciated your kind words.

  2. Absolutely lovely page!! Beautifully coloured gauze!! Couldn't resist that palette hey?!? I agree it's gorgeous! And I don't even want to start listing my gadgets although I think they are slightly fewer than yours!!

  3. Love the page, Mitra. The colors are awesome. I'm totally addicted to that eyelash ribbon, use it everywhere.

  4. I am a BIG technology addict! LOL What would we do without all of our fun gadgets!? I really love the dyed gauze. What a neat idea!

  5. OOOoooo love this layout the colours and the design pretty!!
    let's not get into the topic of storage and stash!! yikes!! LOL

  6. fabulous layout.. and as always amusing blog journalling.. and yes i like your version better.. and shoes are over rated... scrap stuff is sooo much better!!

  7. LOL..I had to giggle because I'm living vicariously with the box you sent me from one of your electronic purchases! :D
    This is wonderful Mitra and I'm going to have to say, I like your version of what the hubby said too! LOL
    Awesome page, chica. :D

  8. This is beautiful, Mitra! I always love seeing your work. Another fabulous page! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT!


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