Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Halloween Party Pages for Marilyn

I really wasn't going to post anything today.

Got a note last night in my inbox from Marilyn who has been making daily trips to visit her hubby who is in the hospital. He is battling cancer and I guess he needs some help from the docs to get past this round of chemo. I know you don't know Marilyn (she is posing for me eating cotton candy above), but rest assured that if you did, your life would be richer. Joe, her hubby is the same. Just a great person all around.

In a strange world of how things just work out when we need a boost, she had gotten these two pages I sent to her yesterday. What she doesn't know, is that the day before I was at the post office at noon struggling to get it mailed. The lady at the register got my packages weighed and rang up, swiped my card, and immediately got this horrible look on her face. I think she would have said a few bad words if I hadn't been right there.

Post Office Lady:  It's doing it, AGAIN.
Me: It's doing what? What is wrong?
Post Office Lady: The machine! It's got the HOUR GLASS again!
Me: Um. Do you want me to write a check? I can write one? No big deal.
Post Office Lady: Well, I don't know if this transaction will go through.

Meanwhile the angry line behind me is building up. I say angry because my story is WAY MORE INTERESTING that way. They weren't. For the most part, mean people don't live in the North County. Oh we have a few. Just not too many. People are typically way nice here.

I am begging her at this point to accept my apologies. I have been here a year and being nice has settled in with me. Not to mention that I am only AT the post office since one of the packages is going international. Typically I leave my post dude a little pile on my steps with a check made out to Post Master and the next day I have a receipt. I know. It's amazing. I love it. The country that is. Post dude isn't bad either. He is super nice, brings my packages to the door, and has a standing invitation to pick apples off our trees in the front.

So, finally she gives up in disgust since now both registers have gone all hour glassy and they are not able to take any money. She takes my check and I leave past the 10 or so people who have collected. I do maybe just feel a wee bit guilty since everyone else is out of luck until they reboot or do whatever it is to get things fixed. I feel like announcing to the mass that I didn't break the machines and I'm sorry, but instead I just hurry out with my head down. And, yesterday I got my receipt mailed to me. Incidentally, did you know if the post office mails YOU something, they don't have to pay postage?

My point here is that somehow she got that package overnight. I mean, I did send it priority, but I never expected her to get it yesterday. I also sent it because I felt like I should. You know, like an urge. I was supposed to see her over our holiday here, but now, it appears she will be at the hospital. I am glad I could send something to her to make her day a bit brighter.

AND, I noticed now I am posting this, that I used the same photo twice in my rush! No matter, I can easily swap out out the full sheet of photos. But, again, it's weird to me how much Joe is in my thoughts.

So, can you do me a favor today and keep my friend Marilyn and her hubby in your thoughts and prayers? I am sure that Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that Marilyn likes best as she is an amazing cook and gathers her family together to celebrate. I wish her strength to get through this. And, I also am praying she drives safely today. It is snowing/icing out. It's our first real winter weather. Kiss your hubby while you are at it and give him a hug. I know I take good health for granted and also the people I love most.

God Bless.


  1. Shame. Poor Marilyn! She looks very cheery considering...Always good to put on a brave face :) And I love the diecuts on your pages - the gates & the tree - I am busy browsing a local site now full of new diecuts...and sorry I haven't got to do the MR shopping yet - everything is against me on that one - I tried AGAIN and lost it all when I got up to go to the loo - came back & it was gone..maybe it's not meant to be LOL!! Will try again soon...

  2. Marilyn and Joe are in my thoughts during this Thanksgiving holiday. They are two strong people, and I know they will make it through this glitch in the road. Great pages for Marilyn. Your details are perfect, Mitra.

  3. Spooky pages for your friends, I will keep them in my thoughts, makes you realise you should never take things or people for granted, take care, Doreen x

  4. I am so sorry for your friend and her husband.

    Stunning page. That tree looks fabulous and the design of the page is great.

  5. I will keep Marilyn in my prayers!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your misadventures at the post office. I have REALLY bad luck there as well. I'm always the one holding everyone else up! LOL

    I think your pages are awesome. I particularly love that big spooky tree!

  6. Beautiful and heartfelt post...will keep your friend and her family in my thoughts and prayers.


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