Thursday, October 23, 2014

12 Icicles of Christmas: Frozen Style

It will be my THIRD YEAR participating in the Linda's Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Christmas. Linda's store The Funkie Junkie Boutique sponsors the tags. I am pretty fond of her store, she carries EVERYTHING I like a whole lot so shopping is a breeze! ;-)

And by tag, in my book that means something not so tag like. 

One year I decorated the metal tops of square Herb Ox containers.

Another year it was small metal sample dishes in a metal box. 

And this year.....I'm making snowflakes attached to glittery icicles. 

I found a bag of these icicles at the secondhand store and spent some time with my Tim Holtz Snowflake Rosette die (which by the way Linda sells) and have been making up some blanks. I intend to decorate the center of the snowflake. 

I have two different kinds of glue that go into making these work as well as some mists. I use a fabric glue to hold the two snowflakes together as well as a lot of hot glue. Then I sprinkle some Renea Bouquets Chunky Glitter Glass on the edges. 

Lexi says they look like they are from Frozen! Which gives me another idea...

Back tomorrow with my first "tag" to show you!


  1. Those snowflakes and icicles are AMAZING!!! LOVEEEEE them!!!!

  2. Looove me some teasers.....can't wait!!!! :D

  3. Really like the icicles, but my fav. is still the box with the little cans. Great work, Mitra.

  4. I cannot believe it is already that time of the year. Now YOU"RE scaring me.......eeeek! LOOOOVE what you've prepped so far.....very 'frozen-ish'.....weee haaah! Another 'fun ride' with Mitra coming up!!!'s that Tea House coming along?????

  5. oh my word, what a fantastic those icicles


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