Monday, October 20, 2014

Batty Bacon Buddy Ben's Birthday: for the CUTTING CAFE

My nephew moves into Tweenie land soon. Ok, so he'll be a teenager at the end of this month (add some eye rolling for effect).

I thought I'd use one of Regina's fabulous graphics paired up with a cutting file to make this batty card! The Halloween & Fall in Jar printable set is very versatile. I personally LOVE the jar with acorns and toyed around with the idea that my nephew is a lil maybe make him a card with nuts!

I opted to use the bat card BECAUSE I can give the bat red gem stone eyes, Yes, as always when in doubt bling!

Red eyed bat was an extra I cut & glittered just to make the whole thing extra batty! The smaller bats behind were right on the printable and I added some liquid glass to turn them shiny!

And red eyed bats always accompany orange basket ball paper & purple roses, right?

Was going for the whole Halloween look, yet boy colors.

Hope my bacon buddy Ben likes his card. Or at least the gifty card that falls out of it!

Have a good one, Ben! We'll have some bacon together soon over Thanksgiving!


  1. I tried to say all those B title words together fast. Try it! Talk about a tongue twister! LOOOVE the red eyes....glimmerlicious...& the glossy works a treat on the bg bats, too:))

  2. now this is truly a MASTERPIECE...every inch of it love it

  3. WOWZERS! Everything you create is a work of art!

  4. basket ball paper for Halloween...brilliant!! That color and texture are perfect and the purples and the glossy bats, it's a winner!!

  5. That's a lot of B's lol. :) I'm with Lisa M, the basketball paper is freaking brilliant Mitra. This is such an awesome birthday card. Ben is one lucky young man.


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