Monday, October 13, 2014

Double Chocolate Cake, Extra Cheese Mac, and some Stinkin'

My oldest turns 14 today. I know, I have a teen. I haven't noticed much except now I have a mostly helpful partner in crime for food shopping who maintains pushing around a cart full of food should be followed by a taco. In case you get caught with the taco wrappers, it's best to bring home a 12 pack for everyone.

She has my jeep programed to play her Pandora Bastille Radio station. She then rummages around in my purse for gum, sunglasses, lip gloss, and then turns on our heated seats for the ride. Often I am
deep in thought or "stinking" like she calls it. She yells at me to SMILE AND BE HAPPY and I snap back to reality.

Sometimes I'm running her down to Market Street for her guitar lessons with Melvin (who incidentally doesn't think it's funny if you ask him if he's one of the Chipmunks). She is getting proficient with the guitar, but still isn't keen to show it off to everyone. If you have heard her play, it's because you've shared a campfire with us.

Right now she is hoping desperately that her science teacher gets a chinchilla for their classroom, She's also wishing for a pet snake, and likes chocolate rice krispies for breakfast or toast with nutella. All these things change daily almost like her height.

She has bigger feet than me, is taller, has longer hair and far more patience. For now, she still thinks I'm cool. Well, maybe not cool, but at least OK.

THE MAN said we should have woke her up at 2 am (when my water broke) and then keep her up to the following morning until 2:30 am after they finally let us all go to bed. Only to wake her up a couple hours later with some nerve shattering screaming. (We think she was saying GIVE ME FOOD NOW or something in baby). Oh the memories, eek!

Tonight we have a double chocolate cake picked out for dinner with super extra cheese mac and cheese, what a feast!

Happy Birthday Sassy!


  1. Happy birthday to your big girl!!! What a lovely post....I hope you're going to get all this down on the back of that page you'll do about the choc cake & mac cheese???!!!!! She sounds like a really lovely teenager:) Long may it continue:):) My boy is arriving home from the USA on Wednesday. YAAAY....can't wait. He's in Newport, Rhode Island atm, doing the 'sea trials' for the racing yacht that they built. All exciting stuff!!!!

  2. Happy birthday to your wonderful 14 year old! It is an interesting time with a teen, they grow so fast, can be your bestie and your worstie all in the same day! I hope she has a wonderful year ahead!

  3. Happy Happy Happy (belated) Birthday Lexi!!! I cannot believe that you're taller than your mom already...that's crazy cakes! I've only seen you grow in pictures, but good're only 14. What will time hold for you at 16?? GASP! ;) Hope your cake was delicious and the M&C and that your birthday was wonderfully spent. Did you get the snake you were hoping for?
    Hugs from Missouri

  4. Happy Birthday dear Lexi!! Wow these kiddos are growing up so fast!! My 14 year old is also a great grocery shopping buddy!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to her, even if I am a little late. This is a lovely post:


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