Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Fall Cards for THE CUTTING CAFE

A dude I work with recently sent another dude at work a lovely Wedding card with words like Wedding crossed out. Penn State had beaten his Alma Mater and he lost a bet so he owed Cody a lottery ticket. Instead of just giving it to him, he SENT IT because he likes to get mail. As they told me this story I was having trouble not laughing at both of them. One dude getting a flowery pretty card from another dude...

HOWEVER, who does not like to get HAPPY MAIL? I haven't sent cards in like forever!

I decided to go for some flatter ones since I wanted to make a bunch...I didn't just make three!

I started out printing on kraft the Happy Fall images and then I punched them out with a scallopy punch. Then I cut a whole bunch of teeny tiny pumpkins on my Silly. The embossed kraft & cream colored base was something I put together a while ago when I had scraps left over from another project.

Just a simple button, some lace all grunged up, staples, gold paint, cloth oak leaves with some splatters and my card was complete. I used a download from THE CUTTING CAFE to make my cards. The first was a cutting file and contained the itsy bitsy pumpkin. The second was the Happy Fall graphic that comes with the same file. Check out Regina's Pumpkin Trio Shaped Card here. So pretty!

I am looking forward to getting these put into the mail. Maybe with a nice fancy tea bag? Or a lotto ticket? Something fun!

Hope your weekend is awesome! We spent some time out in the crisp fall air! It's my favorite time of year!


  1. yikesssssssssssssssssssssssss this are so pretty.....SURELY TO MAKE SOMEONE REALLY HAPPY..

  2. Totally cute...funny bit is the gold. Did you know I'd say that??? LOOOOVE the gold!!!

  3. Soo jealous of your crisp fall air!! It's over 90 degrees in Southern California! Love the cards! The story is classic!

  4. What a fantastic set of pumpkin cards Mitra!!! I love all of them. :-)

  5. WOW! That's a whole set of cards are sooo pretty!

  6. Beautiful card! I love the shabby chic look!


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