Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Shed: Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

THE MAN and I have been working with wood lately. As in fresh wood straight from the hardware store. He claims that his tractor parts need cover and that we are out of room in the garage. So we are creating from scratch a 12 by 12 potting shed.

I really like building. I was surprised to realize it. I've known for a while I like to use tools and change things up, but there is something to be said about building something brand new.

Our new challenge over at Another Freaking Scrappy is to scrap about what makes you happy or scrap a happy time in your life.

Before we decided to build our shed, we looked at a lot of premade ones. Aside from what we felt were high price tags, we also thought they were too cheesy for our taste so we're working on our own design!

I was using the air nailer on Sunday to help secure the boards that are holding the walls up. THE MAN reminded me nicely that it was the same air nailer that brought us to the emergency room two barns ago with a nail in his leg.

 I was very cautious but then I also felt like a QUEEN using power tools! ;-)

I used a lot of craft against the white & blues because I thought it was a pretty contrast. As well as the splatters...and some gems. Nobody said pages about construction had to be manly!

And a close up of all the bling, the glittery title, and the butterfly paper clip!

Hope you are inspired to go create your own Happy Page! Sorry if this song gets stuck in your head!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Nup, absolutely REFUSING to click onto that vid link....that song is stuck already!! LOOVE that building makes you happy....& it looks like you're getting on with it quickly, too....& I adore that your page is all about non straight angles, bits & bobs everywhere & soooo un shedlike....perfect!!!

  2. Like Lizzy that song has started in my head without even clicking on it grrrrr. No seriously I think it is a great subject this challenge. We need more happy in the world and it is going to be fun to see what makes someone happy, like building a shed ! Good on you, I bet you will have such a sense of satisfaction , can't wait to see the finished product. Love the craft with the colours , they all work so well together. I also like the touch of girly, it is all really well balanced. Fantastic layout and a great documentation of the Shed building

  3. The colors make me happy, the printed flowers make me happy, the pictures make me happy, sitting through that whole video made me happy, your detailing and journaling made me happy and you've turned a wet and dreary looking hump day into a great one! My son was watching the video with me and said I had to go and watch the Weird Al version...LOL. Here's the link if you haven't seen Tacky.

  4. LOVELY page!! Love the trailing leaves in craft! Which die is that? A handy one for sure!! I am so jealous of your DIY skills & your hubby who is keen to get his hands dirty! I would really love to be able to take on projects like that but all those types of tools here cost & arm & a leg. That air nailer reminds me of one of my fave movies "The island"where they use one as a weapon LOL - pretty gruesome...


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