Friday, October 31, 2014

Haunting the Thrift Store

I have been haunting the thrift store lately on the prowl for good stuff. 

I am a bit confused obviously because I am posting thrifting finds that I will use to decorate my mantle for Christmas and today in the States, it's Halloween!

Rest assured we'll be celebrating tonight. They are too old for the trick o' treating part but we have plans to visit a Haunted House and also to head over to the Rockwell Museum to see some Sugar Skulls on Sunday. 

(And how do you like that burgandy case, omg, is it not super vintagey or what! Rock on!)

Happy Weekend too!


  1. Good thrift finds, I LOVE that case

  2. WOAH dude, you're on to some incredible Christmas makes already! That case is uber groovy and I can't wait to hear how the haunted house was. :)


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