Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Purple Japanese Lantern for the Birthday Girl

I just figured out the other day that I have more cans of spray paint than spray mist. This is terrible! I must buy more mist....

I did just add a color to my collection. It's not one I'll use a lot. I have a semi Lizzy Hill phobia to purple, let's not tell my kid.

I did already HAVE purple spray paint, I just thought it would look terrible on this paper Japanese lantern that I got for free!

Well, it was a good thing it was free since while I was buying mist, I also grabbed a couple of packages of flowers! The big purple ones were at least on sale...

And if you like purple, that is some awesome shimmer shine right there!

It took me two days to find the fishing twine (in the fishing tackle box in the camper) and now I'm on the hunt for a cup hook to hang this lantern from Lexi's ceiling right above her desk chair...

Wish me luck!


  1. Love that lantern, great color too!

  2. I have a hook...come on over!!!! :) That's gonna look amazeballs in her room!!

  3. Its gorgeous..loved the shine ! I have similar paper lantern ,got it for Diwali Its all fade up now.You gave a nice idea to make it new again .Thanks !


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