Friday, October 10, 2014

Bridge Layout & Favorite Photo from the Summer

I always start off a week all bright and shiny with brilliant plans. My latest was to have layouts all made and just ready for a title, photo, and some journaling. Kinda like it's all in the crock pot, just add a few spices and let it simmer....

And then it took me an entire week to add one photo, a title, and some journaling....

This whole working and school thing is for the birds!  Not to mention I am using a photo from this summer so wishing for those easier days!

It is my FAVORITE photo from this summer captured quite accidentally. If you knew my two babies, you might imagine Lexi trying to straighten Luke out for the BETTER. If you knew my Luke you'd imagine him pretending to listen until he couldn't take much more. The argument might end with Lexi calling him a parrot and Luke stomping off.

They weren't arguing in this photo, I just liked Lexi's braid and captured her brother talking with his hands on while on the bridge over the Hudson.

Of course used a few of my favorite things on this a super sweet butterfly from Renea Bouquets and a Let It Go badge from Scraptastic!

Happy Weekend! Hope you get a chance to do something fun! I believe I have more painting in my future! Not on paper, but a shed!


  1. Yes! I so get why this is a fave....her braid is AMAZING & I love how grown up your Luke looks groovy with those shades on ....that butterfly is gorg, too.....shame about work, & school & life getting in the way of scrapping, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "Let it go"....I LOVE that!! I wish I had a shirt like that. I'm an only child so watching my two interact is a learning lesson for me. Makes me glad some days I went it alone, but on others, kinda sad that I didn't have that bond with someone too. You have 2 great kids Mitra. :)

  3. VERY cool!! LOVE photos like this - often caught accidentally as you say. They make the best storytellers!!!


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