Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Birth of Pumpkin Fysh

My oldest is relentless. This is often times a trait I admire in her but then other times when she holds me to a promise I made several months earlier...not so much.

She had been talking about vising The Corning Musuem of Glass or CMOG (pronounced See-mog like a local) since before we moved to watch a hot glass show. Now, I have been a trillion times. It's a great place to haul visitors or just pop over for a quick lunch.

Then the school sent home a flyer about a free family night. I am all about free, plus the flyer mentioned free cookies and brownies. Again, I am all about free & dessert!

There were a trillion little kids running around. Lexi skipped over all the crafts and headed directly to the hot glass show where they were working on a ginormous glass pumpkin. Well, she headed directly to the hot glass show by way of the brownies & chocolate chip cookies.

We watched the whole show and then ran out to design our own. They generally pick one piece to make from the audience. Having done something similar a few times over I was not even thinking either of us being chosen.

Lexi had stated quite emphatically that she wanted a glass fish. Or Fyyyyyyssshhhhh. Which is how she said it in between stuffing her face with brownies.

Just as we were contemplating hunting down some pizza to wash down the brownies, they called her name over the loud speaker. She then floated up to the hot glass show, marched to sit down in the front and beemed for the whole half hour.

Please join us in our excitement in welcoming Pumpkin Fysh into our family. The perfect pet that just needs to be dusted now and again!

Oh and Gaffer Artist Dude that picked our Fysh to make! You ROCK glass guy!


  1. THAT is THE most awesome fyyyysh EVAAAAA....looooove the colours & well done Lexi! I hope it gets handed on generation after generation:):):)

  2. Welcome little fyshy, you look awesome!

  3. Holy Fish Gills, Batman...that's a Phat Pumpkin Fysh!! What luck Lexi had in them calling her name. I LURVE her creativity and tenacity. That blown glass piece is really quite large and the detail on it is amazing.
    Great creative idea :)

  4. This is awesome, Lexi. LOVE your fysh.


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