Monday, September 15, 2014

'Tiers Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

It started Thursday afternoon when I picked Luke up at school to get him a physical. All of a sudden as I pulled around their new school, I started to cry for no apparent reason.

Now, keep in mind the new school was created from a merger, so we did not get a tour during the summer due to construction. So my kids had been there for nearly a week and I hadn't yet gotten a chance to check it out. The first week of school I am normally a complete wreck anyhow. Make it a new school....let's not talk about it.

Saturday I started a project I thought would be easy and it turned out to be way over my head. A few more tears. THE MAN approached the wild beast cautiously and put a weed eater in my hands.

Said, go kill the weeds you will feel better. He was right, I didn't feel too much better but I was really too tired to care!

Was sitting on the four wheeler while he finished up a few things and spotted the hills distantly blue green in the background. I thought I would take a photo since those hills are still a novelty.

We previously lived in the Twin Tiers for 10 years. The rolling hills in the background simply disappear and are just there if you live here a while. Right now everything feels brutally new. Grocery shopping, running out for something quick, new school....and of course the hills.

Made this page to remind myself that new quickly fades into common place. I just need to be patient and let it work it's way though. And maybe wack a few weeds. ;-)

The 15th is a sketch challenge over at Another Freaking Scrappy and I really loved what Anne came up with for this one. I don't normally twist things like this on a page and I was pleased at how quickly it came together. We also really appreciate pages about yourself, so this fit in nicely!

I used that strip of mesh tape (painted gold) to follow along with the sketch. In case you are curious, you can pick that tape at any hardware store. It is easy stained or painted as well if you are interested in something other than white. ;-)

Really in love with my flower clusters. Got a couple of packages of Prima Lyric flowers that I've been playing around with. I thought they really were pretty along with my oak leaves! Of course my title is a play on tears, in case you were curious! 

Hope you get a chance to play along! It's a lovely sketch!


  1. That is a lovely sketch, love the layers, and your layout looks wonderful.. love the way you have taken the photo.. great journalling around the edge of your page too..Hormones or lack thereof usually make me into a blubbering mess for no good reason.. hope you are feeling better...

  2. It IS a lovely sketch. You are much better at doing personal than I am.....& you're right - your head is telling you to just let it's the emotions we get caught up in & that make it hard ----your Man is a Good Man. He understands your need to errr....kill something???!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it all pans out nice smooth real quick:):)

  3. I really love the perspective shot on this one. You made it truly first person. What a scene!! I hope something that beautiful doesn't become too common place so soon. That's a beauty to take in.

  4. I noticed your play on words, very clever. Glad I am not the only emotional one. Nothing like getting outside to clear the head and feel better I reckon, sometimes we just need a little push to do it though.
    Your flower clusters look great, and a really cool take on the sketch. Love it


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