Thursday, September 4, 2014

Use the Tools Metal Tool Box Makeover for LESSology

Never pass up a free metal tool box, even if it's a bright shiny red with sharpie letters! Wait, you don't believe me?

Let me get you a before photo!

This lovely item came home with my husband and was part of a training course he took. Had to cover up the sharpie in a big hurry!

The whole thing got a coat of white paint! Well, maybe three to be precise! And then a bit of sanding to make it look shabby. Also modged podged on scrap paper & washi tape & then added some gold paint to match the feet!

Of course, a tool box that is going to hold crafty stuff needs GOLD FEET, right? Those feet were originally brass knobs (with flat bottoms) and came from the ReStore (a thrift store where proceeds help Habitat for Humanity). They were a bit pricey at $2 piece, but were super heavy!

I also got those wood appliques there. Those were put to use on the top! More on THAT tomorrow.

My absolute favorite part are the flowers, doily, and map paper snuck in right around the handle.

Our challenge this month at LESSology is to include elements that have to do with travel...maps. tickets, luggage, etc. In this particular case, I used map paper ON luggage!

See, this is a perfect carrier for stamp pads & stamps when I go off crafting with my friends! 

Talking about friends, that doily is a lil pressie all the way from Australia from Lizzy Hill! Thanks Lizzy!

Hope you get a chance to play along with us!

Super cool prize for the winner!


  1. OOOH! Love how you used the doily....& since it's been TRAVELING....!!!! That, my friend, is THE BEST MAKEOVER you've ever done. Totally unrecognisable & sooooo beautiful to boot! And handy!!! WINWINWIN!!!!

  2. This is sensational! really love the transformation.. loooks sooo much better now.. love all the flowers on the top too...

  3. WOW! You sure do some AMAZING things girl! LOVE this tool box makeover!

  4. You are using that ReStore to your advantage my friend. This tool box is THE most shabby chic inspirational creation EVER. Absolutely love what you made. :)

  5. omg gmo omg got me making up it

  6. OMGosh what a transformation! I think you would win hands down for the most fancy Scrapbooking container Ever ! I bet there would be a market for this beauty. So very creative and amazing
    I love the music notes on it


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