Friday, September 5, 2014

Pretty Functional with Wings!

I am quite on the little metal suitcase all shabby kick. We might say it's an addiction since I have plans to alter a third!  Is there counseling for such a thing? Although I dare say there are some girls addicted to Prima and this kinda mixes the whole flower thing in...

Found that almost matching suitcase this past weekend while out Junkin'.....for $5!!!

And a NEW addiction (oh my!) are these butterflies...spotted them on Facebook and then visited her Etsy Shop.

Renea Bouquets makes these LOVELY amazing delicious butterflies and of course has a whole passle of other stuff that just makes me GRIN! Of course I had to add them to my suitcases immediately....

Here is the free butterfly she sent me with a hand written note. It is lovely!

Hmmmm....I think I'll design the third suitcase around one of the dragonflies I purchased from her.....

Happy Weekending, peeps!


  1. LOL...Renae is a LOVELY person....& even tho I'm not big on flowers, or butterflies or other flying things.....I simply ADORE how you use them ---& wish I could use 'em better....still, I have the Master to come visit & learn from, eh??? AND GOOD ON YOU for getting the other suitcase....BARGAIN!!!!!

  2. Oh My such complete delishness!! I absolutely love what you have done!!

  3. These make me gasp and sigh all at once! I'm feeling light headed..
    These are INcREdIBle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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