Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Romantic "Little" Potting Shed

We have puzzled over this weird little area by the carport since we moved in. My MIL suggested it was for outdoor dining and in fact she is likely right since there is a round hole for an umbrella. It's been there for several owners since the lady who came to get her French chocolates didn't know what it was for either.

We don't own a patio set and probably won't, so it seemed like a good spot for a shed. We need some place to hang up shovels, store the trashcans, and put the snow blower. Potting shed sounds so romantic doesn't? Yeah. I probably won't use it for that. HOWEVER, I was sold on the idea that I would, right? ;-)

THE MAN has previously built a very nice barn and one very lovely shed. He operates by the motto Go Big or Go Home on these types of things. In fact, you might say little is an understatement. Take a peek at the existing shed that we do own. It's a little on the sketchy side and we're pretty sure there is a groundhog living under it. It's also not large enough to store all the parts for the tractor. (Or at least what is what I'm told)

Both my FIL and Dad are now asking, well HOW BIG IS IT. And when I say it's 12 by 12, at least one will shake their head and say it's not big enough!

Jeeze louise...why are they always on HIS side!

As you can see, it's just the frame of the floor for now, but by the weekend we'll have that piece moved into place and the decking on....

More on this project later after I dig out 500 hosta plants!


  1. The projects are flowing fast & thick at your place....but I guess you gotta get 'em going cos winter is coming.....!!!!! Can't wait to see your potting shed. Can you please grow Jasmine & wisteria over it? Please. Sounds REALLY romantic then. A climbing rose would be nice, too:):)

  2. 500 Hostas? Holy cow've got a job! So fun to see your new home coming right along with your personal stamp on it. Can't wait to see more pictures.
    Hope all is well. I took a break from the computer, but now catching up on what I've missed. Hope you have a good weekend.
    Lisa x

  3. A little potting shed does sound romantic. I like Lizzy's version on it, just perfect


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