Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All Star Layout from the KOA

These people of mine crack me up. Although it was just a couple of weeks ago, it feels like a lifetime has passed since I took this photo!

I still have the memories of this epic battle of chess though! Aren't those chess pieces cool? I kinda want an outdoor chess set myself. This is where Lexi and I got the idea to turn my red table into a magnetic chess set...a future blog post! ;-)

THE MAN (who now claims he wasn't trying all that hard) was seriously whomped by Lexi.

Here is the beginning on the game before all the trouncing.

Hold on, you need the actual photo so you can see Luke's expression. He probably was just wiping away a bug, but still...

I kept this page pretty simple but I'm loving these bright colors from last month's Scraptastic Kit.

They make up nice blooms too! I decided at the last minute I should take a photo of one up close and was too lazy to put the page back down on the you get Patti too. She keeps an eye on me to make sure I'm not chasing chipmunks without her. Check out that butterfly from Renea Bouquets. SUPER COOL!

Hope your Hump Day was fabulous!


  1. This looks wonderful.. love the colorful rosette flower and that chess set is amazing..

  2. Love this page with all the colorful accents. Yes, it does make me smile to see how Lexi seems to be IN CONTROL. Great little flower.

  3. Love & adore the flair on the accordion bloom...& her butterflies are THE best in the world....& you get the Scraptastic kits....they look CRAZY FABULOUS.....getting these sorts of goodies is one very good reason to move to the USA, I reckon!!! And Patti....she's so darn cute sitting there patiently. As they do!! FUN page on chess. Your girl would completely flatten can't 'get' that game....


  5. Oh wow. LOVE this! Those chess pieces are awesome! :)

  6. Love this, looks like so much fun. The butterfly is gorgeous and I like how you kept it simple and bright. They all look like they are taking it very serious :) Love it


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