Friday, September 12, 2014

SIMPLY....NO SPITTING: Hike over the Hudson Layout

Keep in mind I have known my Father in Law (Dad Pratt) since I was 18 and THE MAN was 17. So I am well aware he's quiet...but still a trouble maker. So when I said to the entire group PLEASE NO SPITTING OVER THE SIDE OF THE BRIDGE I really meant no adults spitting over the bridge.

I was fairly confident I did not have to worry about my kids!

Dad Pratt gave me a look and said of course I am spitting over the's a bridge. And that was that. ;-)

What a fun hike! I am so glad we went since everyone said later it was the highlight of the trip.

Here it is from the below. You get a nice view of the skyline and also any boats that might be passing.

Of course I had to use a flair with a sky scraper image on the top of my accordion bloom!

Love the library cards and that super fabulous butterfly from Renea Bouquets. I am really pleased with this paper line and how it goes so nicely with girl stuff too like butterflies and blooms!



  1. Sounds like a fun hike. Love this paper, and of course your entire layout.

  2. Fun page! Lovely mix of elements!! I dug up some similar butterflies the other day, that I'd forgotten about. From Kay Fatula on Etsy, and have also been finding spots for them here and there! Was thinking of you the other night when I finally found the perfect use for that lovely feather bundle you gave me with the fantastic peacock feather in!!

  3. Your RB butterfly is gorgeous...& the flair fits really well on your acc bloom.....that's a big river, too...I remember reading Nancy Drew & hearing about the Hudson River in there...but my mind's eye had more a stream.....mind you, I guess it depends how much SPITTING has been done over the years!!! Lucky he's not into jumping off bridges I guess....;)

  4. Wow thanks for the photo of the bridge it puts it all into perspective how high it is.. fabulous layout too!


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