Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Bribe of Sorts: A Toast to my SIL

We have eaten A LOT of ice cream this summer. A LOT. However, I have not scrapped any ice cream photos!

This photo was taken during a recent camping trip and we had just walked across the Hudson on a walking bridge. It wasn't REALLY hot, but hot enough to warrant a cone! Lexi was not going to let us forget our promise though! She must have asked me eighteen times if we were really going at the end of the walk!

My FIL decided we needed to take this photo so we could text my SIL which is why we are all toasting her! Here is to you again, Jennifer!

My favorite part about this page is that it was one of the layouts I made while hanging out around the campfire. I added all the embellishments and the photo when I got home...but what I'm really pleased about is taking a paper line that is really pure boy and converting it to work with flowers!

I got a kit from Scraptastic called Boys of Summer which contains a lot of Crate Paper (see the score paper and the gamer paper?) purely by accident. Normally I pick out my kits, but this one came up while I was moving and since my email address changed by accident I did not get a chance to pick. THEN the whole kit was sent 5 hours north to the OLD HOUSE and finally a couple of weeks later showed up at the NEW HOUSE.

I normally would have saved it for page about my boy but Lexi spotted it and was annoyed. She said rather huffily that girls like to play computer games too...

I have never had anyone I know been offended by paper, but she had a point.

So, add a SUPER AWESOME BUTTERFLY from Renea Bouquets, a vintage key, flowers, flair, buttons and there you have it!

Hope your Tuesday was amazing!


  1. Yup! Loving those flair....& I counted:):) And the flowers are awesome...& even more, those splats....AND I really, REALLY like your blue pen journaling. Of course, the cheers with icecreams is a FAB photo to scrap:):)

  2. Oh wow an ice cream toast! That sounds yumm! Love your layout too!


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