Saturday, September 6, 2014

Unique Stationary Caddy from THE CUTTING CAFE

Homework season is upon us again! (Insert small prayer here that 8th grade math teacher is the bomb so I do not have to embarrass myself & have to admit I cannot help oldest with homework)

Since I am depressed about the whole thing I figured I'd work on a little project to cheer myself up.

Homework season marks the official end to Camping Season. Since one involves campfires and marshmallows and the other does not, you can see why I might be upset. If they somehow wrapped Homework up with say drinking wine & eating chocolate, I'd embrace it...but mainly it seems that my craft supplies are raided and I have to explain for the 15th time why they should love the new books that this whole new common core blah blah blah is offering them and pretend I understand.

Anyhow, I figured I'd tackle the one thing that I could change. The raiding.

See, I am the one with all the stuff. Home office means I have the printer, the stapler (with colored staples), paper cutter, tape, sharpies, and tape runner.

Maybe just maybe if I give them their own, I will avoid the small person showing up and making off with my prize fussy cutting scissors which then disappear for almost the entire school year (Lexi!)

THE CUTTING CAFE has the perfect file to assist. Check out this Stationary Caddy which by the way is also useful in many other ways. I am pretty sure I need one myself!

I loaded this one up for the photo but I am tasking my oldest with figuring out what might help them the most. Kinda like taking her along shopping so all the "right" snacks are purchased.

I am pretty fond of this caddy. In fact, mine has FEET which is a pretty easy addition with some hot glue and some kind of hardware. I also managed to upcycle a small metal container I had which likely will hold push pins.

Here's to hoping this school year is fabulous and all that! Or at least that I manage to keep my own scissors though it!


  1. mitra i am loving this caddy....and why didn't i think of feet...awesome idea it

  2. Great idea. I love it when crafting coincides with Usefulness [which you are REALLY good at - still thinking of your suitcases!!!]....& the little legs? FAB!!!

  3. Oh my goodness this is awesome! I hope you successfully avoid scissor bandits this year. LOL

  4. Fabulous caddy, I hope they keep their mits off your amazing scrap gear now! all the best with the math.. I can not do my DD year 8 maths.. too complicated for me...

  5. Awesome caddy! Good luck with keeping everyone out of your stuff! You'll have to let us know if this works for you =)

  6. This is SO cool. Love your projects

  7. So cool! I am loving this and going to use your feet idea on my next one! Great idea to make this for the kids. My stuff always disappeared too!

  8. Love this caddy. Here's hoping those scissors stay put, but you know those little scissors have feet and sometimes run away!!!

  9. Holy crap...i've missed so much, but I think I'm caught up now. Your caddy is wonderful and YES, I just got done saying, "OF COURSE SHE PUT FEET ON IT!" Lurve that Mitra. You always make me smile with your creations. :)


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