Saturday, September 27, 2014

Accidental Junking at a Nursery

I have been making my rounds to old haunts lately. One place I hadn't been to yet was the big nursery close to where we used to live. I figured they wouldn't have much as it's nearly the end of our growing season, but I was on the look out for really small plants. 

I am trying to set my terrariums back up from moving. Sadly I did not find any but was assured that come spring they would have a large amount of that kind of thing. So I have tabled that project for now. 

They did however have one of their greenhouses set up still in garage sale mode. They had a large sale the previous weekend. Yes, came home with goodies!  The pink lantern was on the free table! I have had this ombre paper lantern pinned from Constantly Stamping and I've been on the look out for one. 

While I was driving home, I looked over at my new treasures and had a thought...

What if I mount that heavy metal scallopy base to the vase? Of course they will have to be painted something else..

Yeah. THE MAN groaned and walked away when I showed him. I'm thinking paint colors now!

Happy Saturday! We're off to a work picnic...hope I win the free vacation day that the boss is offering up. Wouldn't that be fun!


  1. Ooooh! Hope you win the free day too....but you've already got a pretty neat freebie! Looks GREAT with the base on:) Can't wait to see it finished. You are AMAZING with your lateral thinking skills!!!

  2. Fabulous! Looking forward to the colors and how you use it!

  3. I went to my first ReStore yesterday and thought of you the whole time. Husband was reluctant to go in but then I finally had to drag him out. Seems he found a new stomping ground. Didn't leave with anything, but was overwhelmed with possibilities!!
    Your latest collaboration is GORGEOUS!


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