Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Big Time Junkin' in the Hudson Valley

My MIL introduced me to a new concept. Go where the BIG JUNK is. Considering they also serve Italian ice, fries, and chicken fingers, it was a win win in my book.

She suggested we go to the Stormville Antique and Flea Market which contains miles and miles of tables full of JUNK or in some places real antiques! Clever woman arranged for all of us to camp a short drive away in the Hudson Valley. Well, it would have been a short drive if we hadn't gotten lost, but that is another story that we are not admitting to any male members of our party after we SWORE we knew how to use the GPS.

Next time I will have my wits about me and buy MORE, but as it was, I did pretty well. Some of the unrestrained drooling was getting in the way of real purchases!

Lexi and I decided I needed to have this table. I am planning on painting it and turning it into a chess board on top. The chess pieces will be magnetic due to this having a metal top! Also, we have storage for them in the drawer!

I had a hard time controlling myself when I was in this section of Stormville. There were booths dedicated to old hardware!

Knobs anyone?

And, then there were the bins full of of sparkly!

I know! It made me feel all crazy inside!

I can't wait to use the heavy keys I bought and the metal P will have a special spot somewhere in this house. The pretty little tea cups will house something fun. They were on a table marked 75 cents!!!! I have a couple in my medicine cabinet holding little things and they make me smile when I grab the mascara....

Happy Hump Day! 


  1. DROOOOL.... Esp those Purdy tea cups ... The cupboard is really neat too.... What a great MIL u have!!!!

  2. I would absolutely love to go junking! No such thing as a bargain or garage sale here and it looks like such a fun way to spend a couple of hours, plus you end up with great stuff to spark your next project off!!

  3. Pass a bib ASAP!! Oh man oh man, what a beautiful beautiful place!!! Fantastic fun finds too....


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