Friday, September 19, 2014

Shabby Tea Caddy for THE CUTTING CAFE

When you are making something for yourself you tend to use ALLLLLLL the things you like....roses, gold, shabby, and antique! Which is of course WHY there is monogram of a gold P!

Wait, I forgot to mention the dragon fly perched on the lip of the antique cup! I had been hoarding that dragon fly for weeks! You can get one similar from Renea Bouquets in her Etsy shop. Don't say I didn't warn you that they are addicting!

And since I knew this caddy was for ME, I splurged and cut out two files! I am using THE CUTTING CAFE's Stationary Caddy. Yes, my caddy is double sided! It was very easy to make it double!

I wanted mine to be very sturdy and shabby, so I covered both sets after I put them together with vintage papers & modge podge. Added some coats of gold paint, splatters, mists, and grunged them up a bit with an ink pad. 

Here is a photo looking down at the top of the caddy. Yes those are real screws! Since I used recycled glass knobs, I wanted to secure them properly. My tea caddy won't be losing a foot anytime soon!

I can't wait to fill this up with pretty tea bags, hot cocos, sugar cubes, and fancy smancy spoon! My little shaker will hold cinnamon!

Looks like I need to host a tea party soon!

Hope your Friday is amazing!


  1. this is BREATH TAKING FABULOUS.....enough said..........ackkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. The Mad Hatter would be SOOO proud!!! LOOVE this caddy Mitra. What Regina said....Ackkkkkkk. So cool that you double sided it and those knob know!

  3. Shabby chic FANtastic Mitra!!! Love how your caddy looks and the knob feet are soooo cool. :)

  4. Looks like you need a tea room NOT a potting shed! Love it....the gold, the DRAGON FLY.....they really are gorgeous:):)

  5. Wow ! Its Gorgeous..loved the bold colors n gold :D

  6. Arghs!! Can I SCREAM how PRETTY this is?? WOW!!! Absolutely stunning Mitra.

  7. WWWOOOWWW! Again totally awesome! You have a way of making your paper projects not look like paper at all. I love that you put the knobs on the bottom. Beautiful!

  8. So beautifully shabby chic . Love the gold and the rose blooms

  9. Oh my word, this could not be any prettier. Love the feminine touches and look to this. Those beautiful crystal knobs for feet, too gorgeous!!!


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