Monday, September 22, 2014

The Regal Purple Lair of a Teen & her Minions

Mom, I don't understand why you complain so much about painting...THIS IS FUN! Says the kid who has painted never.

Having painted my fair share of rooms before I winced when she said that. I had been dreading painting her room since before we moved and she announced that the grayish green color wasn't up to her standards. Personally I found it a nice shade of neutral but as you can see I lost that battle!

I thought THE MAN was going to cry when we came home from the hardware store with two gallons of Regal Purple. He shook his head and asked why the adult in charge allowed her to pick such a very daaaaaaarrrrrrrkkkkk color purple and could I guess how many coats it might take....I reminded him that the adult that did not go to the store and that said "let her get what she wants" should leave the other adult alone or at least bring her some wine.

Three coats of purple paint later, a rug steam cleaning due to painting with a teen, and assembling the metal bed frame and her room is almost put together. I still owe her a floor lamp which I'm working on finding.

She really wanted a platform bed. We had planned on building one, but this metal frame I found on Amazon was inexpensive and well made. She had the bedspread pinned for MONTHS before we moved so she was really excited to finally put it on her bed & sleep with it. It's very pretty! Looks heavenly!

Here the other side of her room. You can see the fish tank who holds one very spoiled Betta fish called Sephira after the dragon in movie Eragon and her guitar. 

It's daytime in these photos so the other pet is missing. Eragon naps during the day only to emerge at night & beg shamelessly for treats. His other hobbies include shedding & yowling. He is showing me nicely with his whole body what shelf the treats are on....what a good cat...

And there you have it. One very happy teen who is so excited about her regal purple lair and two parents who are happy only ONE kid wanted their room painted....

Happy Monday!


  1. We have a dark purple room as well - love it!! What a great room, nice and big.

    And she can come and spoil our poor fish who are shamefully neglected to the point where they remain nameless (a science experiment far longer lived than initially thought)


  2. Purple. That's it. I had mauve as a kid. Put me off it for pretty much forever. Just coming back to it now. But I HAVE to say, if Lexi EVER gets sick of that bed cover, it can have a home with me!!!! NICE!!!

  3. wow it looks very trendy and love the pops of green too.. lucky girl to have such a nice bedroom!

  4. Lexi knows how to pick a color. I love the purple, and she has plenty of windows to let nice light into the room. The spread is really pretty too. Nice job you two.

  5. Well I have to say that it looks very nice!! I dread to think how many layers of white would be needed to paint OVER it if ever you sell the house but I am always one to go for it with brave colour choices too! The room looks nice & big & I love that the windows have roller blinds!

  6. Please move my name to the top of the list for people who will house sit! This room is amazing. The color is so much fun and the view is incredible and the size of that monitor makes me mildly jealous... ;)
    What a wonderful haven she has.


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