Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Traditions: The Pratt Kid's Advent Calendar

A few years back and after Christmas I worked on this project. Like my blog post from then says, it nearly did me in. Thankfully I rallied, spray painted the entire thing black and got it done.

So, of course we can enjoy it today.

Lexi (our resident sweet tooth) is the first one to remind Luke to get the box out and open it before school. They then carefully divide the treats (there is some bartering since I picked things one might like more than the other) and then off to school they go.

The little envelopes I used to tuck promises in weren't filled out this year.

Like Lexi said, lets be real here Mom. Someone says lets make cookies and you are making cookies. So what's the point?

We are not counting down to Christmas though...we are counting down to a TRIP that involves being away during the holidays. Everyone is really excited! More on that later, but I can say we are getting out the warm weather clothing!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wow that is the awesomest Advent calendar ever!!

  2. I LOVE your Advent calendar! It's sensational....& warm weather would sound pretty alright,I reckon!!!!

  3. Just too much fun!! A count down to a trip....ooh la la!! Sounds exotic :)


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