Monday, December 8, 2014

Pile O' Crissy Cards

Holy finger cramp! Or maybe it's Holly finger cramp...

Yes, I cut those holly leaves from a vintage printed post card on all 20ty something cards I made.

Good thing for Netflix and neverending episodes of Hart of Dixie.

It's my go to thing to watch while scrapping...just brainless enough to let the creative juices flow!

And back to my cards! They were done before Thanksgiving! Now to get them written, stuffed in envelopes with a cool kid photos, and addressed!

But, I digress!

Really what prompted me to make this particular card was large chunks of extra kraft paper from various projects that I spent several episodes of Hart of Dixie embossing in my Big Shot....not to mention a never ending supply of paper scraps!

I am pretty pleased with them. I am also excited as they are relatively hopefully they will mail well.

Hope your Monday was fantastic!


  1. Wow, I love them. After all of that cutting, I hope you didn't take scissors to bed with you!!!! (might not have any blankets by morning,teehee)

  2. Lumpy bumpy cards as so pretty and expensive! I an so impressed with your fussy cutting dedication though. Your cards have a wonderful vintage, Holtz-y textured wintry wonderland. Nice work Mitra.

  3. You FUSSY CUT ALL THOSE LEAVES??? Crazy woman! They do look great, though!!! And all that embossing as well. Phew! That is a lot of work [or TV episodes;)].....& I really like how each one is slightly different from the other. Fabulous:):)

  4. I was about to say "lovely texture" but then I read that you were admiring their flatness. So I'm thinking that little bit of embossing is just adding the perfect bit of depth, without a whole lot of - er, depth! they're looking excellent

  5. These look wonderful.. and from a fussy cutter I am really impressed with all the cutting out you have done.. well done!


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