Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Ninth Icicle for Linda's Funkie Junkie 12 Tag Challenge

Finally got a chance to take a photo of my ninth icicle for Linda's Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Christmas. Linda's store The Funkie Junkie Boutique sponsors the tags. She used black and gold! I let out a little happy scream over that!

I think it's awesome too that she dug out her snowflake die cut! I am having so much fun with my double snowflake icicles made from that same die! Is this a case where she is matching me?! ;-) 

Really love the crystals, pearls, and little music note flare I used in the middle of a bottle cap.

You may have noticed that this close up of the snowflake has a string on it...and the close up below has a metal swirl hanger. 

 I had to switch out the hanger and on the rest of them. They are all on display! 

I'll be showing you their new hang out spot after I made & post the 10th, 11th, and 12th icicle!

Happy Hump Day! 


  1. Really really really really love this one!

  2. What the heck kind of crazy gorgeousness is this??? My word did I ever just open this post and then stop and stare. I was in such a trance looking at the deep blacks being highlighted by the most wonderful and intense gold and those clear crystals and YES YES YES that bottle cap center is so right on and then the pearls and geez whilliker what a beauty Mitza Pitza!!
    I'm giddy for #10 already...and 11 and 12.

  3. I'll be a miracle maker to improve on this little lump of perfection. It's melted my heart. Forever. Superb. MOLTO superb:))

  4. Love this beauty!!!

  5. This is definitely my favorite so far, Mitra! LOVE the black and gold with the bits of greenery accents. And that bottle cap with the black/white music sheet - totally awesome! Another beautiful ornament to adorn your tree.



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