Thursday, December 18, 2014

White Elephant Gift for Sian's Christmas Club

At Christmas We...go to parties!

So a month or so ago, THE MAN announced that we were invited to attend his Christmas Party for work. Since he is part of the staff, that meant we were going to hang out with all the important people. Oh and by the way, we needed to bring a white elephant gift. I considered asking if he really wanted to bring me for his own sake, not mine. 

I really like a good party. What is there not to love about a party that quite possibly will involve desserts and wine! I also knew I had to be on my best behavior seeing how I was just the wife. Sometimes I find that difficult...add in wine....might be impossible?

Anyhow, THE MAN thought we should bring a bottle of wine for the gift. I thought that sounded lame and that we could be more creative. I shopped the Restore and came home with this ginormous pewter ice bucket. I then added some small bottles of Jack, two glasses, two cokes, chocolate, a pretty handmade bow, and a card calling it a Holiday Survival Kit. 

Too bad I don't have a photo. I took half a dozen and sadly I can't find them. In fact this photo was one I took off Ebay. (Turns out my $10 Ice Bucket purchase is really worth a lot more, who knew!) I can tell you that I also used pewter cleaner so my bucket was wayyyy shinier. 

Anyway I digress. We brought a good gift. Some other dude brought a singing snowman (Potty Pal?) holding a plunger. Another present was the Ove Glove which allows you to take food out of your oven wearing a glove. At one point in the party I wanted to get up and bash the snowman, but I am pretty sure that would have been bad form. 

Anyhow, the best present I spotted aside from wanting my own gift back was the coffee gift card the most senor staff person had. Yes I stole it. (hello, rules of the game people!)

When the room went silent I realized perhaps I should have gone for the snowman instead if only to put it out of it's misery...I am pretty good at the evil eye, but not as good as someone who bosses and sasses a boat load of people for a living. 

Thankfully at the end someone suggested nicely that THE MAN who was complaining bitterly about the coffee gift card I choose be allowed to swap out for the olive oil he supposedly really wanted. So, Ms. Senior Staff got her card back. 

I wonder if I'll get invited to next year's party...

Linking up with Sian's Christmas Club....

Thanks Sian!


  1. Sounds like your package should have been star prize...and that your MAN should have been in the Diplomatic Service! Have a lovely Christmas Mitra xx

  2. Ha! A great story which really chimed with me today as I just waved off my husband who is going to his no spouses invited Christmas party today. Thanks Mitra!

  3. DAMN! So not fair:( And yours was such a neat pressie. You should just have given it to yourself to take home, LOL!!! Good on you for joining in......too busy with The Family here....doing well to even get around a few blogs....gotta go!!!!

  4. My father-in-law laughed hysterically. He loved your gift and is now on the lookout for a Restore out here in Illinois! That gift of yours was awesome Chica!!


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