Thursday, January 1, 2015

Oh Dear Blog

Oh dear blog how I missed you!

I know I was out floating around in a big ole boat for a while & I didn't think of you much then. Sun & drinks with umbrellas being the top priority.

And then when we got back I got the plague. The doc said it was the flu, which she was probably right about.

I even had to reschedule my birthday! Takes skill to be sick on your birthday!

Anyhow, here we are. Time to start scrapping all those lovely vacation photos!

But not quite's a fresh new year. I think I'll take a few more minutes to enjoy our winter sun, the dog sleeping on my feet, and a tranquil house.


  1. Happy New Year Mitra! Hope it's a great one for you

  2. Noooooo!!! Ships and sickness seem to have a symbiotic relationship! Hope you're feeling much better....I MISSED YOU!!! So sad to find you not at home....even if you WERE having a ball!!! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I REALLY missed that one....hugs from Aussie:):)

  3. You just ease yourself back gently into this crazy life!! Happy New Year!!! And belated Happy Birthday!!

  4. Enjoy those tranquil moments, sounds perfect ! Happy belated birthday, sorry to hear you was sick on it :( The cruise sounds like fun though, although I am better on land , or my stomach is at least

  5. Happy belated and glad you are feeling better!!!!!!


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