Monday, January 12, 2015

@ the Boat Layout

My toes got cold taking this photo! I MISS that ship so much!

As you can see, I had warm toes there!

We loved the towel animals they made us every day, the upgrade we got on the cheap for our side by side balcony rooms, you can see THE MAN enjoyed the drink package. I did too, although I can say I don't care for scotch...I tried that and yuck!

It's a pretty simple page with a Picasa photo collage!  The actual layout I made ages ago when I prepped a pile of pages for our trip. Made putting a page together a snap!

Happy Monday!


  1. Good ole Picassa----& fab idea pre-making your pages---- I remember the towel animals---FUN!!!

  2. Looks like a fun trip.
    I haven't tried Picasa collage pages, I guess I need to try them.

  3. Oh sweet towel pets...I love those! I'm living vicariously here and loving it.


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